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A Life of Significance: The Integration of Faith and Character into the World of WorkPeter M. OchsPrinceton2007-04-1701:18:422008-03-25
Reading from 'Speaking of Faith' Followed by Panel DiscussionKrista TippettPrinceton2008-02-0501:34:572008-03-25
The Veritas Forum at Berkeley: The Language of GodFrancis CollinsBerkeley2008-02-0402:04:282008-03-18
Erotic Spirituality and the Book of JonahT. Anthony PerryBoston College2007-04-1901:03:242008-01-19
Islamic Political PhilosophyCharles ButterworthAmherst2007-10-1501:31:432007-10-19
Authors@Google: Chirstopher Hitchens on "God Is Not Great"Christopher HitchensGoogle2007-08-1601:07:412007-10-03
Islam: A Truly American Religion?Jane SmithMiddlebury College2007-04-1900:56:472007-08-21
The Life of BuddhaKaren ArmstrongSmithsonian2001-0301:15:402007-07-02
Is Immortality Important?Karen ArmstrongHarvard2005-1101:32:092007-07-02
The Beautiful Names of God: Their Meaning for a ChristianMichael FitzgeraldAmerican U in Cairo2006-12-0400:57:532007-07-02
The Future of Islam in the WestKaren ArmstrongAmerican U in Cairo2005-12-1200:49:352007-07-02
Interpreting Islam: Politics, the Media and the AcademyCarl W. ErnstArizona State2006-12-3100:55:002007-07-01
Is Reconciliation Between Muslims and Christians Possible?Miroslav VolfYale2006-09-3000:53:002007-06-22
The Surprise of Religion in Twentieth Century AmericaJon ButlerYale2006-05-2601:16:002007-06-22
Israel and the JewsDan Cohn-SherbokBritish Museum2006-06-1000:46:372007-05-08
Middle Eastern ChristianityAnthony O'MahonyBritish Museum2006-06-1000:44:522007-05-08
The Mandaeans: an instance of minority survivalUlrike Al-KhamisBritish Museum2006-06-1000:43:482007-05-08
Gnostic themes in the Abrahamic family of religionsMalise RuthvenBritish Museum2006-06-1000:44:392007-05-08
Whole Sight: The Intersection of Culture, Faith, and the ImaginationCharles JohnsonU of Washington2007-02-0100:43:342007-04-25
In Search of the Words of the BuddhaRichard SalomonU of Washington2006-01-2600:50:502007-04-25
The Mediator: the Priest in FilmGeorge PattisonOxford2006-02-2701:25:112007-04-24
Shouting at Shiva: Religion in the Films of Amitabh BachchanJessica HinesOxford2006-03-0600:57:242007-04-23
Action movies and American ideals: The Growth of Buddhism in HollywoodJessica FrazierOxford2006-01-2300:54:292007-04-23
Martin Marty @ Pop!Tech 2006Martin MartyPop!Tech200600:21:042007-04-11
Maimonides (Part 5: The Words of the Living God)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:54:032007-04-07
Maimonides (Part 4: The Account of the Chariot)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:56:082007-04-07
Maimonides (Part 3: The Works of Man)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:56:272007-04-07
Maimonides (Part 2: The Act of Creation)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:53:202007-04-07
Maimonides (Part 1: The Language of Man)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:57:082007-04-07
Interpreting Genesis 1-11Gordon WenhamFaraday Institute2006-11-082007-04-05
Ethical Issues in the Public MindPete MooreFaraday Institute2006-09-242007-04-05
Natural TheologyJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-07-262007-04-05
Divine Action and the Origin of LifeArd LouisFaraday Institute2006-07-272007-04-05
Science, Faith and PostmodernismRoger TriggFaraday Institute2006-07-262007-04-05
Science and Religion on the RadioMartin RedfernFaraday Institute2006-09-232007-04-05
Astronomy and the date of the CrucifixionColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-11-082007-04-05
Theologies of NatureErnan McMullinFaraday Institute2006-07-252007-04-05
Is Destiny beyond Death Credible?John PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-11-092007-04-05
A Scientific Theology? Parallels and Convergences in Science and ReligionAlister McGrathFaraday Institute2007-01-062007-04-05
Ethical Issues in Public PolicyDerek BurkeFaraday Institute2006-09-242007-04-05
Truth Telling in the Practice of ScienceDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-07-252007-04-05
Divine ActionJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-07-2701:26:042007-04-05
Divine Action in Modern ScienceNicholas SaundersFaraday Institute2006-07-272007-04-05
Science and the dating of the Easter week eventsColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2007-03-132007-04-05
Science and Religion in the Public DomainRoger TriggFaraday Institute2006-10-172007-04-05
Science, Faith and the Moral MazeDavid CookFaraday Institute2006-09-232007-04-05
How Does Parliament Handle the Ethical Issues Raised by Scientific Advances?John GummerFaraday Institute2006-09-222007-04-05
Science and MiraclesColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-07-202007-04-05
Ethical Issues Raised by SciencePete MooreFaraday Institute2006-09-232007-04-05
Creation, Evil and TimeJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-07-282007-04-05
Evolution and TheodicyRichard SwinburneFaraday Institute2006-07-282007-04-05
How does God interact with the World?John PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-01-312007-04-05
Divine Action and the BrainStuart JudgeFaraday Institute2006-07-272007-04-05
Science and Religion in Science JournalismMichael BrooksFaraday Institute2006-09-232007-04-05
Science and the question of miraclesColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2007-01-072007-04-05
Human Genetics and the Image of GodGraeme FinlayFaraday Institute2006-11-072007-04-05
Bioethics in the Media and Public PolicyDavid CookFaraday Institute2006-09-242007-04-05
A Moral Climate? Theological Perspectives on Climate ChangeMichael NorthcottFaraday Institute2006-05-022007-04-05
The Anthropic PrincipleJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2007-01-072007-04-05
Physics and the Real WorldGeorge F R EllisFaraday Institute2006-07-172007-04-05
Reconciling Neuropsychology and TheologyWarren BrownFaraday Institute2006-07-182007-04-05
Science and the Question of MiraclesColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-04-092007-04-05
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 1Colin RussellFaraday Institute2006-04-072007-04-05
The Mediaeval Church Encounters the Classical Tradition: St Augustine and Roger BaconDavid LindbergFaraday Institute2006-07-242007-04-05
EmergencePhilip ClaytonFaraday Institute2006-07-202007-04-05
Evolution and Theology: Are They Connected?RJ BerryFaraday Institute2006-04-082007-04-05
The Evolution of Religion and the Religion of EvolutionJeff SchlossFaraday Institute2006-07-182007-04-05
The Ethics of Stem Cell and Cloning ResearchJohn BryantFaraday Institute2007-03-312007-04-05
A Life in ScienceBrian HeapFaraday Institute2006-07-172007-04-05
God of AntimatterGerald GabrielseFaraday Institute2006-03-0200:53:432007-04-05
A history of cosmologies and their religious contextsSimon MittonFaraday Institute2007-01-302007-04-05
Science and Religion: Belief or Commitment?Peter LiptonFaraday Institute2006-06-132007-04-05
The Religious Origins of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2006-07-242007-04-05
Does Evolution have any Religious Significance?Denis AlexanderFaraday Institute2007-01-062007-04-05
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 2John Hedley BrookeFaraday Institute2007-01-062007-04-05
Genetic Engineering in Health and DiseaseJohn BryantFaraday Institute2006-07-212007-04-05
Ethical and Theological Considerations in the use of Stem Cells in Brain RepairRoger BarkerFaraday Institute2006-10-312007-04-05
Human Responsibility for the Environment in a Fallen WorldMargot HodsonFaraday Institute2006-07-282007-04-05
Models for Relating Science and ReligionJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2007-01-062007-04-05
God and the Big BangKatherine BlundellFaraday Institute2006-07-172007-04-05
Brains and PersonsStuart JudgeFaraday Institute2006-07-192007-04-05
Genetics, plasticity and personhood: the Brain in the 21st CenturyGareth JonesFaraday Institute2006-07-192007-04-05
The Bible, the Creation and the Inner Light: Tensions within Quaker ScienceGeoffrey CantorFaraday Institute2006-05-162007-04-05
Demythologising the Historical 'Conflict' between Geology and GenesisMartin RudwickFaraday Institute2006-11-142007-04-05
The Rationality of ScienceRoger TriggFaraday Institute2006-07-252007-04-05
Evolution and Fine-Tuning in Biology - Part 1Simon Conway MorrisFaraday Institute2006-07-182007-04-05
Genesis and PhylogenesisGraeme FinlayFaraday Institute2006-11-082007-04-05
GM crops and GM food - Do we need them?Joe PerryFaraday Institute2006-07-212007-04-05
The Environment and PovertyPaula CliffordFaraday Institute2006-04-092007-04-05
The Universe in a Trinitarian PerspectiveJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-11-092007-04-05
The Impact of einstein's Relativity on Christian ThoughtJohn PilbrowFaraday Institute2007-03-312007-04-05
Science and the hiddenness of GodWilson PoonFaraday Institute2007-02-132007-04-05
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 2Colin RussellFaraday Institute2006-04-082007-04-05
Explanation in Science and ReligionPhilip ClaytonFaraday Institute2006-07-202007-04-05
Models for Relating Science and ReligionMikael StenmarkFaraday Institute2006-07-262007-04-05
The Ethics of Stem CellsJohn BryantFaraday Institute2006-11-082007-04-05
Consumption and Well-Being: Christian Values and SustainabilityBrian HeapFaraday Institute2006-03-142007-04-05
Global Warming and Society's ResponseJohn HoughtonFaraday Institute2006-09-232007-04-05
Is the Universe Designed?Rodney HolderFaraday Institute2006-07-172007-04-05
Faith in an Age of Science: The Challenge of the NeurosciencesBill NewsomeFaraday Institute2006-11-092007-04-05
Does Evolution have any Religious Significance?Denis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-04-082007-04-05
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 1John Hedley BrookeFaraday Institute2007-01-052007-04-05
The "End" of Love: Evolutionary Psychology, Altruism, and Human PurposeJeff SchlossFaraday Institute2006-07-182007-04-05
Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent DesignJohn BryantFaraday Institute2007-03-312007-04-05
Sustainability of the Non-Human WorldGhillean PranceFaraday Institute2006-07-212007-04-05
Models for Relating Science and FaithJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-04-082007-04-05
A Critique of MultiversesGeorge F R EllisFaraday Institute2006-07-172007-04-05
Brains and MachinesPeter ClarkeFaraday Institute2006-07-192007-04-05
Myths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical PerspectiveRonald NumbersFaraday Institute2006-05-112007-04-05
The Florentine Heretic? Galileo, the Church, and the CosmosDavid LindbergFaraday Institute2006-07-242007-04-05
The Idea of Law in Science and ReligionLydia JaegerFaraday Institute2006-07-202007-04-05
If the evolution of intelligence is inevitable, what are the theological implications?Simon Conway MorrisFaraday Institute2006-05-302007-04-05
From Darwin to ScopesMichael RobertsFaraday Institute2006-07-242007-04-05
Science and Religion: An OverviewJohn BryantFaraday Institute2006-11-072007-04-05
Why Care About the Environment?Bob WhiteFaraday Institute2006-04-092007-04-05
Religion and the Anthropic PrincipleJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-04-082007-04-05
Complexity, emergence and GodBarbara DrosselFaraday Institute2007-02-272007-04-05
Has Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life.Alister McGrathFaraday Institute2004-11-042007-04-05
An Eastern Perspective on Science, Religion and EvilSubrata ChattopadhyayFaraday Institute2006-07-282007-04-05
The Role of the Bible in the Emergence of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2006-07-242007-04-05
Science and Faith in the Life of Michael FaradayColin RussellFaraday Institute2006-02-282007-04-05
Transcending Dawkins' God: Renewing the Interface between Science and FaithDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2007-03-302007-04-05
Concepts of Emergence in Science and ReligionPhilip ClaytonFaraday Institute2006-02-142007-04-05
The Fallacy of Scientism as a WorldviewMikael StenmarkFaraday Institute2006-07-252007-04-05
Stem cells in Research and in the ClinicJohn BryantFaraday Institute2006-07-212007-04-05
Stem Cells - Playing God Again?William HurlbutFaraday Institute2007-03-062007-04-05
Balancing Human and Environmental Concerns: A Contextual Theology for the Twenty First CenturyMargot HodsonFaraday Institute2006-11-082007-04-05
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial LifeRodney HolderFaraday Institute2006-07-172007-04-05
Does Biological Enhancement of the Brain Affect our Status as Images of God?Gareth JonesFaraday Institute2006-07-192007-04-05
The Historical Background to the Science-Religion DebateDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-07-202007-04-05
William Carey and the Serampore College: Science and Religion in 19th Century IndiaSujit SivasundaramFaraday Institute2006-11-282007-04-05
Does Religious Belief Need Justification?Roger TriggFaraday Institute2006-07-252007-04-05
Evolution and Fine-Tuning in Biology - Part 2Simon Conway MorrisFaraday Institute2006-07-182007-04-05
Irshad Manji - Confessions of a Muslim Dissident: Why I Fight for Women, Jews, Gays...and AllahIrshad ManjiBerkeley2005-04-1901:19:202007-03-01
Does Humor Belong in Buddhism?Donald LopezBerkeley2007-02-0900:49:262007-03-01
Religious War In Light of the Infinite GameJames P. CarseLong Now Foundation2005-01-142007-01-14
The Pastor and the PhilosopherDan DennettTED2006-0200:25:292007-01-14
The Pastor and the PhilosopherRick WarrenTED2006-0200:21:462007-01-14
Under God? Is Religion at the Heart of America's Culture War?William KristolPrinceton2003-03-1101:37:382007-01-09
Monasticism in Western Society: From Marginality to the Establishment and BackLester K. LittlePrinceton2001-04-2201:14:362007-01-09
Orthodoxy and Western Christianity in the 21st CenturyBishop KallistosPrinceton2002-04-1600:57:422007-01-09
Jesus, Paul, and the Origins of ChristianityPaula FredriksenPrinceton2000-09-172007-01-09
Caring for Nature: From Fact to Value, from Respect to ReverenceHolmes RolstonFaraday Institute2005-03-0901:04:532007-01-03
Does the Advance of Science Mean Secularisation?David MartinFaraday Institute2005-11-0300:56:222007-01-03
Has Science eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of lifeAlister McGrathFaraday Institute2004-11-0900:55:072007-01-03
Nanotechnology: Grey goo or great God?Andrew BriggsFaraday Institute2005-03-1000:47:152007-01-03
Playing God: Scientific, Ethical, and Theological ChallengesGareth JonesFaraday Institute2004-06-2200:47:452007-01-03
The Bible and Emergence of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2005-05-2400:55:052007-01-03
Can Scientists believe in Miracles?Colin HumphreysFaraday Institute2004-03-0200:48:332007-01-03
Science & the Bible: are they incompatible? The creation story as a test caseErnest LucasFaraday Institute2004-05-1300:56:512007-01-03
Power & Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st centuryJonathan SacksFaraday Institute2003-11-2500:51:452007-01-03