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Escher and the Droste EffectHendrik LenstraPrinceton2007-04-0301:08:382008-03-25
Stem Cell Challenges in Biology and Public PolicyDouglas MeltonPrinceton2007-04-1001:17:532008-03-25
Structural Plasticity in the Adult BrainElizabeth GouldPrinceton2007-04-2501:16:042008-03-25
Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: Our Human PlanetCristian SamperPrinceton2007-10-0301:00:572008-03-25
Observing the Birth of the UniverseLyman PagePrinceton2007-12-0401:15:102008-03-25
The Economics of Climate Change: Risk, Ethics, and a Global DealNicholas SternPrinceton2008-01-0701:24:462008-03-25
How the human genome project reveals our evolutionary pastSteve DorusUniversity of Bath2008-03-1100:46:172008-03-22
Physical activity, obesity and healthSteven BlairUniversity of Bath2007-11-1401:00:162008-03-22
Lowering our carbon footprintGeoff HammondUniversity of Bath2007-10-2400:51:502008-03-22
Conflict and cooperation in the family life of birdsTamas SzekelyUniversity of Bath2007-10-1300:19:112008-03-22
Louann Brizendine @ Pop!Tech 2007Louann BrizendinePop!Tech200700:19:162008-03-21
Ben Saunders @ Pop!Tech 2004Ben SaundersPop!Tech200400:31:302008-03-20
Brian Fagan @ Pop!Tech 2004Brian FaganPop!Tech200400:28:122008-03-20
Richard Alley @ Pop!Tech 2004Richard AlleyPop!Tech200400:27:362008-03-20
The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to CareGary TaubesBerkeley2007-11-2701:48:172008-03-18
Agriculture for Development: Implications for Latin America?Alain de JanvryBerkeley2007-10-0100:00:002008-03-18
BERC First Annual Lecture: Michael Walsh of the Chicago Climate ExchangeMichael WalshBerkeley2007-10-0200:00:002008-03-18
Creating Forest Sector Solutions for the New BioeconomyIan de la RocheBerkeley2007-10-1201:21:592008-03-18
In Service to Society: Energy & HealthJay Keasling Dan KammenBerkeley2007-10-1300:00:002008-03-18
The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental PhysicsDavid GrossBerkeley2007-10-1901:38:102008-03-18
Towards an Automated Screening of Biorisk-Associated DNA and Protein SequencesMarkus FischerBerkeley2007-11-1500:57:322008-03-18
California Colloquium on WaterRandy PooleBerkeley2008-02-1201:24:102008-03-18
California Colloquium on WaterBarton ThompsonBerkeley2008-03-1101:30:052008-03-18
The Aging Brain: An OverviewAlan B. GrindalAcademy of Lifelong Learning2006-12-3100:00:002008-03-18
Wellness and the Aging BrianKevin O'NeilAcademy of Lifelong Learning2008-02-1500:00:002008-03-18
Advances in Alzheimer Disease ResearchHuntington PotterAcademy of Lifelong Learning2008-02-1500:00:002008-03-18
Mid-Ocean Ridges of the Pacific: Why the Sea is SaltyGary MassothNew England Aquarium2007-10-2901:11:022008-01-19
Oliver Sacks: MusicophiliaOliver SacksCambridge Forum2007-11-0501:25:322008-01-19
A DNA-Driven World (Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007)Craig VenterBBC2007-12-0100:43:312007-12-14
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 LectureR. K. PachauriNobel Prize2007-12-1000:23:002007-12-10
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 LectureAl GoreNobel Prize2007-12-1000:22:002007-12-10
Beyond the Genome: the challenge of synthetic biologyChris Mason, Peter Lipton, Sarah Franklin, Craig VenterLondon School of Economics2007-10-2401:40:002007-12-03
Planetary Perils in PragueOwen GingerichMuseum of Science2007-04-0401:02:182007-12-03
Translating Science for Public UnderstandingHiro Yoshikawa, Franklin Gilliam, Jr., Jack Shonkoff, Susan Nall BalesHarvard2007-10-0201:49:402007-12-03
Mapping the Frontier of KnowledgeJuan EnriquezLong Now Foundation2007-10-1201:29:202007-11-23
Pluto and the Outer Solar SystemMichael BrownMuseum of Science2007-04-1101:15:252007-11-18
Authors@Google: James RandiJames RandiGoogle2007-08-0600:58:102007-11-10
The Stuff of ThoughtSteven PinkerGoogle2007-09-2401:15:042007-11-10
Lead, Health, Environment: Old Problem & New ChallengesMark PokrasNew England Aquarium2007-10-0101:12:202007-11-07
Comparing Worlds: Climate Catastrophes in the Solar SystemDavid GrinspoonAstronomical Society2007-04-1101:37:432007-11-02
The Unnatural History of the SeaCallum RobertsMuseum of Natural History2007-10-2600:45:072007-10-31
Beneath Mount EverestAnne SheehanMuseum of Natural History2007-10-1200:46:082007-10-31
Body AdornmentRandall WhiteMuseum of Natural History2007-10-0501:23:222007-10-31
The Search for "The Missing Link"Alan WalkerMuseum of Natural History2007-08-0300:47:522007-10-31
Conflict and Cooperation in the Family Life of BirdsTamas SzekelyUniversity of Bath2006-12-3100:19:112007-10-30
Sustainable Energy brings Power to the People Matthew DavidsonUniversity of Bath2007-09-0300:37:032007-10-30
Rocks, Water but no Life?Philippe BlondelUniversity of Bath2007-07-3100:55:492007-10-28
Vortex flows: from insects to aircraftIsmet GursulUniversity of Bath2007-01-3100:46:532007-10-26
Waiting for the Great Leap...Forward?James HughesSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:26:022007-10-21
Singularity Summit 2007: Second Panel DiscussionPeter Voss, Stephen M. OmohundroSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:10:232007-10-21
Singularity Summit 2007: Fifth Panel DiscussionChristine L. Peterson, Eliezer Yudkowsky, James HughesSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:16:512007-10-21
Singularity Summit 2007: Fourth Panel DiscussionJ. Storrs Hall, Charles L. Harper, Jr., Peter ThielSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:38:052007-10-21
Singularity Summit 2007: Third Panel DiscussionBen Goertzel, Neil Jacobstein, Paul SaffoSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:19:012007-10-21
Singularity Summit 2007: Panel DiscussionWendell Wallach, Barney Pell, Sam AdamsSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:27:072007-10-21
The Challenge of Friendly AIEliezer YudkowskySingularity Institute2007-09-0800:21:122007-10-21
Introducing the "Singularity": Three Major Schools of ThoughtEliezer YudkowskySingularity Institute2007-09-0800:34:112007-10-21
A Dialogue with Ray KurzweilRay KurzweilSingularity Institute2007-09-0801:06:592007-10-21
Preparing for Bizarreness: Open Source Physical SecurityChristine L. PetersonSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:18:352007-10-21
Dichotomy of Designed and Evolutionary Paths to AI FuturesSteve JurvetsonSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:27:092007-10-21
Superintelligence, the "Dilemma of Power," and the Transformation of DesireCharles L. Harper, Jr.Singularity Institute2007-09-0800:25:242007-10-21
Financial Markets and the SingularityPeter ThielSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:20:062007-10-21
Asimov's Laws of Robotics -- RevisedJ. Storrs HallSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:22:502007-10-21
The History and Future of Technological ChangePeter NorvigSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:45:092007-10-21
Machines of Loving Grace: Anticipating Advanced AIPaul SaffoSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:11:272007-10-21
Nine Years to a Positive Singularity -- If We Really, Really TryBen GoertzelSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:25:282007-10-21
Innovative Applications of Early Stage AINeil JacobsteinSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:21:542007-10-21
Increased Intelligence, Improved LifePeter VossSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:22:362007-10-21
The Nature of Self-Improving Artificial IntelligenceStephen M. OmohundroSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:26:412007-10-21
Metaverse SingularityJamais CascioSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:28:122007-10-21
Superstition and Forgetfulness -- Two Essentials for Artificial General IntelligenceSam AdamsSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:25:072007-10-21
The Road to Singularity: Comedic Complexity, Technological Thresholds, and Bioethical Broad JumpsWendell WallachSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:36:522007-10-21
Pathways to Advanced General Intelligence: Architecture, Development, and FundingBarney PellSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:30:422007-10-21
The Singularity: A Period Not An EventRodney BrooksSingularity Institute2007-09-0800:47:122007-10-21
Our Special Planet: A Cradle for LifePeter D. WardMuseum of Science2002-10-2301:14:242007-10-06
The Search for New EarthsWesley A. TraubHarvard2002-10-1601:10:192007-10-06
Life on Our Home Turf: Scanning the Solar SystemUrsula B. MarvinMuseum of Science2002-10-0901:08:262007-10-06
The Wild Trees: Uncharted Canopy BiosphereRichard PrestonMuseum of Science2007-05-0901:04:392007-10-01
Einstein: His Life and UniverseWalter IsaacsonAtlanta History Center2007-04-1800:58:562007-09-30
Nanotechnology and Cancer Drug DiscoveryCynthia BamdadMuseum of Science2006-10-2900:11:352007-09-30
Evolution as a Tool Kit for Understanding Human DiseaseHarvey LodishMuseum of Science2007-03-1301:04:522007-09-30
Commotion in the OceanAmy BowerMuseum of Science2007-02-2801:03:582007-09-24
Synthetic Biology: From Bugs to Drugs and FuelsJay KeaslingBerkeley2007-04-2100:40:262007-09-21
The Economics of Climate ChangeNicholas SternBerkeley2007-03-3001:21:372007-09-21
Strictly Speaking: Stephen W. HawkingStephen W. HawkingBerkeley2007-03-1301:07:312007-09-21
Biotechnology in the 21st CenturyMalcolm DandoBerkeley2007-04-1801:20:202007-09-21
Parkfield 2004: Lessons from the Best-Recorded Earthquake in HistoryAndy MichaelBerkeley2007-04-2401:15:302007-09-21
Secrets: The Ethics of Concealment and the Ethics of Science in Synthetic Biological ResearchLaurie ZolothBerkeley2007-04-1101:18:122007-09-21
Glut: Mastering Information Though the AgesAlex WrightLong Now Foundation2007-08-1701:33:132007-09-19
That Dress Sounds Great on YouAlyce SantoroNYAS2006-01-1300:22:542007-09-02
A Slippery Slope: Facts, Ethics, and Policy Guiding Neuroscience TodayHank GreelyNYAS2005-11-0100:51:412007-09-02
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthRobert PollackNYAS2006-01-1301:39:422007-09-02
Don't Be Bamboozled by Voodoo ScienceBob ParkNYAS2005-11-2101:04:462007-09-02
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthColin McGinnNYAS2006-01-1301:39:422007-09-02
Ethics in the Age of NeuroscienceMichael GazzanigaNYAS2005-10-0500:58:212007-09-02
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthChristian de DuveNYAS2006-01-1301:39:422007-09-02
How Trauma Changes UsSandro GaleaNYAS2005-12-0200:27:522007-09-02
Bright Lights in the CityOliver SacksNYAS2005-12-2300:20:132007-09-02
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthMark NorellNYAS2006-01-1301:39:422007-09-02
A Slippery Slope: Facts, Ethics, and Policy Guiding Neuroscience TodayMichael GazzanigaNYAS2005-11-0100:51:412007-09-02
Ethics in the Age of NeuroscienceTom WolfeNYAS2005-10-0500:58:212007-09-02
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthJames FerrisNYAS2006-01-1301:39:422007-09-02
How Trauma Changes UsMarian FontanaNYAS2005-12-0200:27:522007-09-02
We Are Not the First to Suffer Through Climate ChangeBrian FaganLong Now Foundation2007-04-2701:19:022007-08-05
Science and PseudoscienceImre LakatosLondon School of Economics197300:18:562007-08-01
Inventing TemperatureHasok ChangLondon School of Economics2007-04-1801:04:002007-07-30
Biblical Natural HistoryDaniel HillelMuseum of Natural History2007-06-2200:56:272007-06-30
A Gentle Introduction to Nanotechnology and NanoscienceMark A. RatnernanoHUB2006-02-1300:44:142007-06-10
Green Building TechniquesJohn QualeU of Virginia2007-03-2101:10:002007-06-09
From the Big Bang to the Nobel PrizeJohn MatherU of Virginia2007-03-2200:54:342007-06-09
Biophilic Design: Opening the Door to NatureStephen KellertYale2007-02-2100:08:002007-06-02
Global Change, Extinctions and the New Age of DiscoveryLisa CurranYale2006-09-3000:10:002007-06-02
Global Change, Extinctions, and the New Age of Discovery: Ornithologist’s Bird’s-eye ViewRichard PrumYale1969-12-3100:14:002007-06-02
Global Change, Extinctions and the New Age of DiscoveryMichael DonoghueYale2006-09-3000:24:002007-06-02
It's Not Easy Being a FrogDavid SkellyYale2007-02-2100:09:002007-06-02
The Heart of the MatterGustave SpethYale2007-02-2100:14:002007-06-02
Weather ForecastingBob RyanLibrary of Congress2006-11-1500:38:002007-05-28
Animal EmotionsMichael FoxLibrary of Congress2003-11-0300:57:002007-05-14
Preserving Africa's Threatened Wildlife: Forest Peoples and Indigenous Knowledge Albert Lokasola, Alden AlmquistLibrary of Congress2004-12-1301:09:002007-05-13
The Ethics of Mind-Bending DrugsSteve HymanLibrary of Congress2005-05-1100:35:002007-05-12
The Transmission of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and Influenza: Lessons from the Past and How We Should Be Preparing for the FutureMarc LipsitchLibrary of Congress2005-02-0700:55:002007-05-12
Death by Black HoleNeil deGrasse TysonMuseum of Natural History2007-04-1601:20:032007-05-12
Being Good EnoughBill McKibbenSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:24:452007-05-11
Searching for the Big Picture: Systems Theories of Accelerating ChangeJohn SmartSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:22:062007-05-11
The Singularity: A Hard or Soft Takeoff?Ray KurzweilSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:49:522007-05-11
Trying to Muse Rationally about the Singularity ScenarioDouglas R. HofstadterSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:34:182007-05-11
Productive Nanosystems: Toward a Super-Exponential Threshold in Physical TechnologyK. Eric DrexlerSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:18:542007-05-11
Singularity or Dark Age?Cory DoctorowSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:19:102007-05-11
Artificial Intelligence and Existential RisksNick BostromSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:23:162007-05-11
The Human Importance of the Intelligence ExplosionEliezer YudkowskySingularity Institute2006-05-1300:34:552007-05-11
Cognitive and Emotional Singularities: Will Superintelligence come with Superwisdom?Max MoreSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:20:042007-05-11
Bringing Humanity and the Biosphere through the SingularityChristine L. PetersonSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:12:022007-05-11
Toward Human-Level Intelligence in Autonomous CarsSebastian ThrunSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:21:402007-05-11
The Origin of LifeJohn Maynard SmithSussex University199500:58:592007-05-09
The Future of Science in the 21st CenturyHarold VarmusAmherst2007-04-1600:49:252007-05-06
Regularities and Randomness in the Past and the Future Part IIMurray Gell-MannBoston U200501:20:152007-05-05
Regularities and Randomness in the Past and the Future Part IMurray Gell-MannBoston U200401:26:212007-05-05
Heretical Thoughts About Science and SocietyFreeman DysonBoston U2005-11-0101:26:402007-05-04
It's Every Monkey for ThemselvesVanessa WoodsANU2007-03-0700:37:162007-04-25
Emotion, Feeling, and Social Behavior: The Brain PerspectiveAntonio DamasioU of Washington2003-07-162007-04-25
Does the everyday world really obey quantum mechanics?Anthony LeggettU of Sydney2005-07-2501:19:562007-04-24
A Scientist in Space/Searching for Earth-like Planets: NASA's Kepler MissionJanice VossAstronomical Society2007-03-0701:16:312007-04-18
Glimpsing the Edge of the Universe: Results from the Hubble Space TelescopeBruce MargonAstronomical Society2007-01-2401:44:582007-04-18
The Planet Pluto: Maligned but Not ForgottenDale CruikshankAstronomical Society2006-11-0801:28:592007-04-18
Dark Energy and the Runaway UniverseAlex FilippenkoAstronomical Society2006-11-0401:48:122007-04-18
Estimating the Chances of Life Out ThereFrank DrakeAstronomical Society2005-04-2001:14:052007-04-18
An Architecture For International Cooperation On Climate ChangeWarwick McKibbinANU2006-10-122007-04-17
Cowboy Cloners: The Ethics & Morality Of Scientific CommunitiesPeter GlasnerANU2006-09-202007-04-17
The Beginning Of Earth HistoryDavid StevensonANU2006-10-262007-04-17
Archaeology Beneath The Sea: Shipwrecks & Their Cargos In The PhilippinesEusebio DizonANU2006-09-282007-04-17
Global Warming's Impact on Wine Growing Regions WorldwideGreg JonesTaste32006-0700:24:412007-04-13
Reith Lectures 2003: 5 - Neuroscience - the New PhilosophyVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:30:082007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2003: 4 - Purple Numbers and Sharp CheeseVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:30:492007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2003: 3 - The Artful BrainVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:27:322007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2003: 2 - Synapses and the SelfVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:28:002007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2003: 1 - Phantoms in the BrainVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:31:442007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2001: 5 - New DirectionsTom KirkwoodBBC200100:42:052007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2001: 4 - Making ChoicesTom KirkwoodBBC200100:42:102007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2001: 3 - Sex and DeathTom KirkwoodBBC200100:43:052007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2001: 2 - Thread of LifeTom KirkwoodBBC200100:42:302007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2001: 1 - Brave Old WorldTom KirkwoodBBC200100:42:252007-04-12
Reith Lectures 2000: 2 - BiodiversityTom LovejoyBBC200000:53:322007-04-12
Marcia McNutt @ Pop!Tech 2005Marcia McNuttPop!Tech200500:30:082007-04-11
Lester Brown @ Pop!TechLester BrownPop!Tech2006-12-3100:23:242007-04-11
Formation and Evolution of Extrasolar Planetary SystemsDebra FischerHarvard200600:58:002007-04-09
Global Diversity and Rates of ExtinctionEdward O. WilsonArizona State2006-04-1300:56:002007-04-06
Nature RevealedEdward O. WilsonMuseum of Natural History2006-06-3000:53:172007-04-06
Biodiversity and the Evolutionary Roots of BeautyGordon OrlansMuseum of Natural History2006-06-1600:51:202007-04-06
Neanderthal BrainsBruce LahnMuseum of Natural History2007-02-2300:20:162007-04-06
Climate ChangeElizabeth KolbertSeattle Town Hall2006-03-2300:45:232007-03-27
The Ecology of Food - Panel with M. Pollan and OthersMichael PollanBerkeley2002-11-1301:50:362007-03-01
Astronomical Society of the Pacific Meeting 2002Alex FilippenkoBerkeley2002-09-2900:50:012007-03-01
Global Climate ChangeAl GoreBerkeley2004-11-1500:47:082007-03-01
National Forest Management: Great Issues and Great DiversionsDale BosworthBerkeley2003-04-2301:26:532007-03-01
Robert Klein: A Conversation on Stem Cell ResearchRobert KleinBerkeley2006-02-0801:21:262007-03-01
An Ecologist in Space: The Earth from 240 Miles UpPiers SellersBerkeley2003-12-0801:10:042007-03-01
Steven Chu: Life as Beautifully Engineered SystemsSteven ChuBerkeley2004-10-1601:17:562007-03-01
Bay Area Earthquake ProbabilitiesDavid SchwartzBerkeley2003-04-2201:10:292007-03-01
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by NatureJanine BenyusBerkeley2006-10-2501:16:312007-03-01
California's Stem Cell Initiative Conference - Confronting the Legal and Policy ChangesPilar OssorioBerkeley2006-03-0201:24:312007-03-01
Lessons from Hurricane Katrina: Can We Save California's Delta?Raymond B. SeedBerkeley2006-10-0701:00:112007-03-01
Jane Goodall: The Bixby Symposium on Population and ConservationJane GoodallBerkeley2006-05-0600:53:012007-03-01
Globalism: Report from the Front Lines of Oil and Global WarmingBen NamakinBerkeley2006-10-1200:52:302007-03-01
California's Stem Cell Initiative Conference - Confronting the Legal and Policy ChangesMichael ShelanskiBerkeley2006-03-0201:24:312007-03-01
The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate ChangeDimitri ZenghelisBerkeley2006-11-2801:35:242007-03-01
Nobel Prize in Physics: George F. SmootGeorge SmootBerkeley2006-10-0300:48:422007-03-01
New Queries (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 4 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:33:222007-02-25
Electrons and their Interactions (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 3 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:40:212007-02-25
Fits of Reflection and Transmission - Quantum Behavior (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 2 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:38:512007-02-25
Photons - Corpuscles of Light (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 1 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:17:572007-02-25
Science and globalisationAlistair DarlingRoyal Society2007-01-25
The human exploration of MarsDavid ScottRoyal Society2004-05-052007-01-25
How societies choose to fail or surviveJared DiamondRoyal Society2007-01-25
The roots of the 'Royal' and the Scottish connectionJohn GribbinRoyal Society2007-01-25
Perception, deception and realityDavid AttenboroughRoyal Society2004-01-282007-01-25
Wild ReckoningsSiân EdeRoyal Society2004-10-052007-01-25
Optical science in the fast laneWilson SibbettRoyal Society2007-01-25
Microscopy goes cold: frozen viruses reveal their structural secretsTony CrowtherRoyal Society2007-01-25
Trends in global fisheriesDaniel PaulyRoyal Society2004-07-212007-01-25
New views on human originsChris StringerRoyal Society2007-01-25
What is quantum non-locality?Sandy PopescuRoyal Society2004-10-132007-01-25
A silent killer?Fran BalkwillRoyal Society2007-01-25
Adventures in vascular biologySalvador MoncadaRoyal Society2005-05-102007-01-25
The Puppet Master: How the brain controls the bodyDaniel WolpertRoyal Society2007-01-25
Electronics for the 21st centuryRichard FriendRoyal Society2007-01-25
Why life speeds up as you get olderDouwe DraaismaRoyal Society2007-01-25
The quandary of the quarkChristine DaviesRoyal Society2007-01-25
Magnetic brain stimulation: what can it tell us about brain function?Alan CoweyRoyal Society2004-11-092007-01-25
The right climate for businessLord OxburghRoyal Society2005-06-292007-01-25
Exploring nanotechnologies discussionNick RossRoyal Society2004-09-292007-01-25
Cosmic AfricaThebe MedupeRoyal Society2007-01-25
Deciphering diseaseDario AlessiRoyal Society2007-01-25
Plagues & parasitesNicholas WhiteRoyal Society2007-01-25
Science, complexity and the nature of existenceGeorge EllisRoyal Society2004-12-092007-01-25
The role of Sustainability MetricsRichard DartonRoyal Society2007-01-25
Stern review on economics of climate changeNicholas SternRoyal Society2007-01-25
Not just about numbersJohn D BarrowRoyal Society2004-10-192007-01-25
Beagle 2 the next generationColin PillingerRoyal Society2007-01-25
Why creationism is wrong and evolution is rightSteve JonesRoyal Society2007-01-25
Structure of the living cellIain CampbellRoyal Society2007-01-25
Why we cooperateMartin NowakRoyal Society2007-01-25
Finding the right balance: from rare gasses to ribosomesCarol RobinsonRoyal Society2004-11-152007-01-25
Continuing the voyages of the EndeavourMike GriffinRoyal Society2007-01-25
The future of the world wide webTim Berners-LeeRoyal Society2003-09-222007-01-25
Genes, worms and the new geneticsJulie AhringerRoyal Society2004-11-242007-01-25
Beyond the human genome projectEric LanderRoyal Society20052007-01-25
The mesoscopic worldAthene DonaldRoyal Society2007-01-25
Meteors and the edge of spaceNick MitchellUniversity of Bath2006-03-2900:46:422007-01-23
Why Does a Ball Bounce?: A Scientific EyeAdam Hart-DavisUniversity of Bath2006-03-0800:50:042007-01-23
SatNav for the immune systemStephen WardUniversity of Bath2006-04-2601:02:222007-01-23
Sunspots and climate changeJoanna HaighUniversity of Bath2006-03-1500:44:272007-01-23
Why creationism is wrong and evolution is rightSteve JonesUniversity of Bath2006-11-0600:59:052007-01-23
Reconstructing 100 Million Years of Human Evolutionary HistoryDavid HausslerUC Santa Cruz2006-10-1700:00:002007-01-20
Wiring the Nervous System From Tip to Toe: How Do Neurons Go to and Fro?Lindsay HinckUC Santa Cruz2005-05-0300:54:492007-01-20
Red Tides, Shellfish, and Cultural Dietary TraditionsMary SilverUC Santa Cruz2006-03-0200:00:002007-01-20
What Is Our Universe? How Large Is It? What Was the Universe Like in the Past?David KooUC Santa Cruz2005-03-0100:00:002007-01-20
Great Earthquakes and Tsunamis: How, Why, and Where?Susan SchwartzUC Santa Cruz2006-12-3100:00:002007-01-20
A Short History of Nearly EverythingBill BrysonRoyal Society2005-03-1000:32:202007-01-20
fMRI Investigations of Human Extrastriate Cortex: People, Places, and ThingsNancy KanwisherColumbia2004-05-1400:47:202007-01-18
Decision Making and the Neural Representation of ValueWilliam T. NewsomeColumbia2004-05-1400:50:092007-01-18
The Storage and Persistence of MemoryEric KandelColumbia2004-05-1300:50:242007-01-18
Neuroscience and Neuropathology—Converging StreamsGerald D. FischbachColumbia2004-05-1300:27:582007-01-18
Drug Addiction: The Brain in DisarrayNora D. VolkowColumbia2004-05-1300:56:002007-01-18
Brain and Mind: Introduction to Session IIRichard MayeuxColumbia2004-05-1300:09:282007-01-18
The Assembly of Neural Circuits in the Developing BrainThomas M. JessellColumbia2004-05-1300:42:462007-01-18
Neurodevelopmental DisordersSir Michael RutterColumbia2004-05-1300:52:142007-01-18
Brain Development in Healthy, Hyperactive, and Psychotic ChildrenJudith L. RapoportColumbia2004-05-1300:28:182007-01-18
Scents and Sensibility: Towards a Molecular Logic of PerceptionRichard AxelColumbia2004-05-1300:42:502007-01-18
Towards the Neuronal Basis of ConsciousnessChristof KochColumbia2004-05-1400:58:152007-01-18
Potassium ChannelsRoderick MacKinnonColumbia2004-05-1300:35:452007-01-18
Rett Syndrome and MeCP2: Steady DevelopmentHuda Y. ZoghbiColumbia2004-05-1300:35:082007-01-18
The Asteroid Threat Over the Next 100,000 YearsRusty SchweickartLong Now Foundation2004-03-122007-01-14
Very Long-term Very Large-scale BiomimicrySpencer BeebeLong Now Foundation2005-03-112007-01-14
The Next 100 Years of Science: Long-term Trends in the Scientific Method.Kevin KellyLong Now Foundation2006-03-1001:18:402007-01-14
Mapping TimeDavid RumseyLong Now Foundation2004-05-142007-01-14
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