Kicking The Bastards Out?
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From the ANU Podcast feed: " Advocates of reform want to subject their representatives to constant scrutiny, allowing voters to judge every word spoken, coalition joined, and compromise approved. Professor Jane Mansbridge believes that this approach to reform is misguided. She argues that a better strategy is to allow more discretion in office and concentrate on three goals: one, select better legislators to begin with; two, communicate with both legislators and bureaucrats in settings where they have a strong incentive to listen; and three, kick out the legislators who don’t do their job well."
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Just reading the synopsis of this lecture discouraged me from listening to it. The '3 goals' are idealistic, sure, but not realistic. Mansbridge makes it sound easy, overlooking the real difficulty involved in dealing with politicians who are corrupt to the core. Not sure myself of the solution, short of complete revolution, but I'm certain this overly simplistic approach is fantasy.
posted by Claude Rodley at 2009-11-21 19:30:45 EST
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