Islam and Modernity: The Problem with Paradise
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From the Katz Lectures in the Humanities: "A writer, editor, broadcaster, and critical commentator on Islam, culture, and science, Ziauddin Sardar is one of the world’s leading Muslim public intellectuals. Born in Pakistan, raised and educated in Britain, he is currently Visiting Professor of Postcolonial Studies at the City University, London. Editor of Futures, a journal of forecasting, planning, and futures studies, and co-editor of Third Text, a prestigious journal of arts and visual culture, Sardar is also author of more than forty books on Islam, science policy, media, postcolonial and cultural studies, travel, and autobiography. Sardar is well-known in Britain as regular contributor to New Statesman and the Independent, as well as radio and television programs. His books include the classic studies, The Future of Muslim Civilisation (1979) and Islamic Futures: the Shape of Things to Come (1985) as well as the timely explorations of contemporary U.S. politics at home and abroad, Why Do People Hate America? (2002) and American Terminator: Movies, Myths, and Global Power (2004). His recent autobiography, Desperately Seeking Paradise (2004) offers an intellectual journey into what modernity means for Muslims."
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