A Personal Quest for Information [00:59:36]
@ nanoHUB (2004-02-19)
tags: nanotechnology quantumcomputing informationtheory [add tags]
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"This talk will report results and conclusions from my personal investigations into several different disciplines, carried out with the unifying intent of uncovering some of the fundamental principles that govern representation, processing, and the communication of information. The specific problems will be drawn from three major areas: (i) Quantum Information Processing (ii) Nano-electronic architectures, and (iii) Information processing in biological and physical systems. Topics will include why I believe quantum computing is a worthwhile subject of investigation, why I am not excited about the so-called "moletronics" area (aimed at replacing conventional digital computing), how principles of statistical mechanics can lead to the engineering of distributed systems, and why I am so enthusiastic about working with biologists and neuroscientists. Overall, I will argue that, in order to impact and improve short-term engineering systems, as well as to lay the foundations of future ones..."
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