The Holloway Series in Poetry: Joshua Clover [01:10:48]
@ UC Berkeley (2007-03-15)
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From the UC Berkeley Webcast site:

Joshua Clover

Lively, stylish and "totally great" poetry from a poet of "fierce power." With graduate poet Colin Dingler.

Clover's work has been praised by theorist Judith Butler for the way that it "brilliantly queries our historical moment in and as form" and it is with an intellectual clarity and linguistic sharpness that he undertakes these poetic investigations. Stylish, textured, intricate, irreverant-- Clover's work is studded with intensity, "social passion" and delight. This is what Wallace Stevens would have called the "never-resting mind" at work, observing, collating and challenging the trappings of "late and lost modernity" and demanding more from the reader, more from the world.

The Totality for Kids is Clover's second book of poems; he received the Walt Whitman Award for his first collection, Madonna anno domini. The excellence of his work has been recognized with inclusion in the Best American Poetry series, two Pushcart Prizes and a fellowship from the NEA.

An associate professor of Literature and Critical Theory at UC Davis, Joshua Clover is an accomplished poet, journalist and cultural critic. His journalism frequently appears in the New York Times and he is the poetry editor for the Village Voice Literary Supplement.

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