Translating Science for Public Understanding [01:49:40]
@ Harvard University (2007-10-02)
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From the WGBH Forum Network: "Scientists have long struggled to explain the inextricably intertwined processes of social, emotional and cognitive development in ways that the public can understand and in ways that connect child development to public policy. Some child advocates and pollsters, argue that it does not require an understanding of the science of development to support child-oriented policies. Guest speakers at this forum take on the conventional wisdom and demonstrate the contribution that research-based communications can make to public thinking and policy support. Panelists include: Susan Nall Bales, President, The FrameWorks Institute; Franklin Gilliam, Jr., Senior Fellow, The FrameWorks Institute and Professor of Political Science and Associate Vice Chancellor for Community, UCLA; and Hiro Yoshikawa, Professor of Education. Jack Shonkoff, Julius B. Richmond FAMRI Professor in Child Health and Development, Harvard University, will moderate. Kathleen McCartney, Dean and Gerald S. Lesser Professor in Early Childhood Development, will provide the introduction. This lecture is the first in a series of colloquia by the Center on the Developing Child which will be hosted at various Harvard schools throughout the year. The goal of the series is to elucidate both the underlying science of child development and the extent to which sophisticated communications research can translate the science in a way that engages the policy and practice communities. "
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