Globalising Capital Markets: new actors, new flows, new partnerships [01:02:00]
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The global capital markets are being transformed by the emergence of new actors, new flows and new partnerships - creating opportunities as well as challenges for business, government and civil society. In this lecture, Richard Gnodde will share the lessons of global businesses operating in this new environment, and reflect on the ways in which global capital markets can be a force for progress for business as well as society.
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A fascinating and lucidly presented lecture but what interests me with the new found energy in emerging markets, the transformation of debt to equity and al the other manifestations of potential for developing countries, is the lack of evidence of real impact on economic improvement of the people at the 'bottom of the pile' as opposed to the 'elite' or indeed any significant evidence of the creation of infrastructure in education, hospitals and so on for future generations?
posted by Matthew Lynas at 2013-05-20 06:46:57 EST
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