Where Game Meets the Web [01:08:00]
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Hosted by GDCRadio: "We've all heard it, and probably even said it: games are kind of like movies. We have the blockbusters, the opening days, the big budgets and interdisciplinary teams... There are many lessons we can learn from the well-established content industries.

But games are also software, and the software world is undergoing a revolution. The web world is in ferment - some say a new bubble - and it's dragging content industries kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The underlying technological assumptions of the web regarding concepts such as IP, distribution, and user participation are very different from the Big Media way of doing things. Could 'release early, release often' possibly apply to the world of gamemaking?

This session is about lessons we can learn from how the web world works, applied to the game industry, and concrete takeaways on how to leverage the brave new Web world."
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Lecture slides are here:
posted by David Hirmes at 2007-12-14 13:10:30 EST
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