YouTube to YouNiversity: Learning and Playing in an Age of Participatory Culture [01:19:14]
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"For those of you keeping score, the dotcom era has ended. The age of social networks and mobile media has emerged from its ashes. We are no longer talking about a digital revolution, which envisioned new media displacing the old. We are now talking about media convergence, where old and new media interact in ever more complex ways. We are no longer talking about interactive media technologies; we are talking about participatory culture.
This presentation will address the terms of our participation in this new convergence culture, which are being shaped by governmental policies and court decisions but also by choices being made both in corporate boardrooms and in teenager's bedrooms. As fans, gamers, and bloggers, we are learning new ways to use media to serve our own ends and we are discovering new ways to pool our knowledge and work collaboratively to solve puzzles and master complex texts. What we are learning as consumers has the potential to change how we think as citizens. And these new social skills and cultural competencies have implications as well for the future of education."
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