The Sandbox Investment: Kids-First Politics [01:28:36]
@ Harvard University (2007-11-29)
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From the WGBH Forum Network: "In his new book David Kirp, professor of public policy at the University of California-Berkeley, reveals the findings of a longitudinal study that shows the life-changing impact of preschool. He talks with cutting-edge researchers from neuroscience and genetics to economics, whose findings increasingly show how powerfully early childhood shapes the arc of children's lives. His conclusion: Kids-first politics is smart economics. Paying for preschool now can help save us from paying for unemployment, crime, and emergency rooms later. Hear a discussion with David Kirp; Kathleen McCartney, Dean and Gerald S. Lesser Professor in Early Childhood Development; and Jack Shonkoff, Julius B. Richmond FAMRI Professor in Child Health and Development. Mica Pollock, associate professor of education, gives the introduction. "
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