Design for Sustainability - Sustainable Transportation
@ UC Berkeley (2007-09-12)
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From the UC Berkeley Webcast site: Nathan Shedroff, California College of the Arts

The focus of the course is on innovation processes for sustainable products, from product definition to sustainable manufacturing and business models. It is an operationally focused course, as it aims to develop the interdisciplinary skills required for successful design and development of sustainable products or services. Engineering, iSchool and Business students from Berkeley and Industrial Design students from California College of the Arts join forces on small teams to step through the process of understanding stakeholder requirements, designing and developing solutions, and testing those solutions in detail, learning about the available tools and techniques to execute each process step along the way with sustainability in mind. Each student brings his or her own disciplinary perspective to the team effort, and must learn to synthesize that perspective with those of the other students in the group to develop a sustainable solution. Students can expect to depart the semester understanding what sustainability means, how companies are approaching it, and a process for generating sustainable solutions in practice. This course is part of the Management of Technology program at the University of California, Berkeley as well as the new Engineering and Business Sustainability Certificate Program.

Course website for BA 290N, ME290H, INFOSYS 290H, and CCA
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