California Colloquium on Water [01:24:10]
@ UC Berkeley (2008-02-12)
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From the UC Berkeley Webcast site:

Leading the Way: A Look at the Sonoma County North American Climate Initiative

Randy Poole, General Manager/Chief Engineer, Sonoma County Water Agency

Abstract: Why is North America lagging in implementation of climate-protecting technologies and what can be done to actually bring solid, permanent reductions in North American CO2 emissions? Part of the answer is that textbook solutions are at this time unproven. North America needs to prove that technology for energy efficiency, renewable power, biofuels, hybrid drive systems and carbon sequestration can reduce emissions, and that these technologies offer economic benefits and that they will find acceptance, even support, from the public. The North American Climate Initiative, as led by the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA), would provide the needed proof of concept by establishing one or more regional demonstration projects with the United States or Canada where the technologies would be tested. The programs would implement technological solutions, identify those that are viable and would monitor and document emissions reductions. Demonstration projects would provide the package of technologies that could be replicated rapidly nationwide, even globally to achieve climate protection goals well ahead of the 2020 targets set before us. Water supply, treatment, distribution and disposal are integral to the program. Water-related activities consume 19% of California's electric power and 30% of its natural gas. Water policy decisions such as recycling, conservation, desalination have direct impacts on carbon emissions. This lecture will provide an overview the program and how, if implemented, it would allow SCWA to supply water produced with zero carbon emissions by 2015.

More information about this series is available at the Water Resources Center Archives' California Colloquium on Water website.

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