The Holloway Series in Poetry [01:11:35]
@ UC Berkeley (2008-02-28)
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From the UC Berkeley Webcast site: Translation and invention from one of Canada's most celebrated poets.
With Trang Cao

Erín Moure is a well-known Montreal poet in English, and translator of poetry from Galician, Portugese, French and Spanish. O Cadoiro, influenced by the medieval Iberian lyric cantigas, is her most recent book. Her earlier book, Little Theatres, was shortlisted for the Griffen prize in 2005. She has published many books, including O Cidadán (2002), Sheep's Vigil by a Fervant Person (2001; a translation from the Portugese of Fernando Pessoa), and Charenton (2007; translation from the Galician of Chus Pato). Along with Robert Majzels, she has also translated Nicole Brossard's Installations (2000), Museum of Bone and Water (2003), and Notebook of Roses and Civilazation (2007). Her most recent work can be seen in Chicago Review and No.

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