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Ethical Issues in Public PolicyDerek Burke2006-09-242007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Truth Telling in the Practice of ScienceDenis Alexander2006-07-252007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Evolution and TheodicyRichard Swinburne2006-07-282007-04-05mp3
Divine Action and the BrainStuart Judge2006-07-272007-04-05mp3
Divine Action and the Origin of LifeArd Louis2006-07-272007-04-05mp3
Divine Action in Modern ScienceNicholas Saunders2006-07-272007-04-05mp3
Divine ActionJohn Polkinghorne01:26:042006-07-272007-04-05mp3
How does God interact with the World?John Polkinghorne2006-01-312007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Science and Religion in the Public DomainRoger Trigg2006-10-172007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Science and Religion in Science JournalismMichael Brooks2006-09-232007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Science and Religion on the RadioMartin Redfern2006-09-232007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
How Does Parliament Handle the Ethical Issues Raised by Scientific Advances?John Gummer2006-09-222007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Science and the dating of the Easter week eventsColin Humphreys2007-03-132007-04-05mp3
Science and the question of miraclesColin Humphreys2007-01-072007-04-05mp3
Astronomy and the date of the CrucifixionColin Humphreys2006-11-082007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Interpreting Genesis 1-11Gordon Wenham2006-11-082007-04-05QT stream / QT vid
Science and MiraclesColin Humphreys2006-07-202007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Science and the Question of MiraclesColin Humphreys2006-04-092007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Transcending Dawkins' God: Renewing the Interface between Science and FaithDenis Alexander2007-03-302007-04-05mp3
Science and the hiddenness of GodWilson Poon2007-02-132007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Models for Relating Science and ReligionJohn Polkinghorne2007-01-062007-04-05QT stream / QT vid
Science and Religion: An OverviewJohn Bryant2006-11-072007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
An Eastern Perspective on Science, Religion and EvilSubrata Chattopadhyay2006-07-282007-04-05mp3
Models for Relating Science and ReligionMikael Stenmark2006-07-262007-04-05mp3
Science and Religion: Belief or Commitment?Peter Lipton2006-06-132007-04-05QT stream / QT vid
A Life in ScienceBrian Heap2006-07-172007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Models for Relating Science and FaithJohn Polkinghorne2006-04-082007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Has Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life.Alister McGrath2004-11-042007-04-05mp3
Faith in an Age of Science: The Challenge of the NeurosciencesBill Newsome2006-11-092007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Brains and PersonsStuart Judge2006-07-192007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Brains and MachinesPeter Clarke2006-07-192007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Does Biological Enhancement of the Brain Affect our Status as Images of God?Gareth Jones2006-07-192007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Genetics, plasticity and personhood: the Brain in the 21st CenturyGareth Jones2006-07-192007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Reconciling Neuropsychology and TheologyWarren Brown2006-07-182007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
The Impact of einstein's Relativity on Christian ThoughtJohn Pilbrow2007-03-312007-04-05mp3
Complexity, emergence and GodBarbara Drossel2007-02-272007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
A history of cosmologies and their religious contextsSimon Mitton2007-01-302007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
The Anthropic PrincipleJohn Polkinghorne2007-01-072007-04-05QT stream / QT vid
The Universe in a Trinitarian PerspectiveJohn Polkinghorne2006-11-092007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Is the Universe Designed?Rodney Holder2006-07-172007-04-05QT stream / QT vid
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