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A Conversation with Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Rodham Clinton00:00:002006-10-312007-01-10mp3 / QT vid / windows media
National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil DependencyJohn Deutch, James R. Schlesinger00:00:002006-12-182007-01-10mp3 / QT vid / windows media
Fulbright Chair Speaker SeriesFred von Lohmann00:00:0020062007-01-14mp3
Fulbright Chair Speaker SeriesJohn Perry Barlow, John Gilmore00:00:002006-11-142007-01-07mp3
Looking For Mr. Gilbert: African-American PhotographerJohn Hanson Mitchell00:00:002005-03-302007-01-07real video / real audio / mp3
The Unicorn in Captivity: Science Helping ArtGregory Chudnovsky, David Chudnovsky01:23:382006-01-182007-01-06real video / mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 13 of 13: Basil IILars Brownworth00:31:1920062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 12 of 13: BasilLars Brownworth00:22:3220062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 11 of 13: IreneLars Brownworth00:23:2920062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 10 of 13: HeracliusLars Brownworth00:25:5920062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 9 of 13: Justinian - Part 3Lars Brownworth00:25:1620062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 8 of 13: Justinian - Part 2Lars Brownworth00:25:1120062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 7 of 13: Justinian - Part 1Lars Brownworth00:17:4420062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 6 of 13: ZenoLars Brownworth00:17:1420062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 5 of 13: JulianLars Brownworth00:17:1420062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 4 of 13: Constantine - Part 2Lars Brownworth00:17:3320062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 3 of 13: Constantine - Part 1Lars Brownworth00:16:5220062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 2 of 13: DiocletianLars Brownworth00:19:3420062007-01-14mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 1 of 13: IntroductionLars Brownworth00:13:5520062007-01-14mp3
The United States and Korea: Adjusting to New Realities in AsiaDon Clark00:46:102006-03-012007-01-06mp3
God and Computers: IntroductionDonald Knuth00:00:001999-10-062007-01-03mp3
Fulbright Chair Speaker SeriesAndrew Huang00:00:002006-11-212007-01-03mp3
Propaganda vs. Public DiplomacyNancy Snow00:00:002006-11-272007-01-03mp3
Fulbright Chair Speaker SeriesSeth Schoen01:00:002006-11-282007-01-03mp3 / flash video
SXSW 2006 KeynoteBruce Sterling00:48:402006-03-142007-01-14mp3
Does the Advance of Science Mean Secularisation?David Martin00:56:222005-11-032007-01-03mp3
Has Science eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of lifeAlister McGrath00:55:072004-11-092007-01-03mp3
Nanotechnology: Grey goo or great God?Andrew Briggs00:47:152005-03-102007-01-03mp3
Playing God: Scientific, Ethical, and Theological ChallengesGareth Jones00:47:452004-06-222007-01-03mp3
The Bible and Emergence of Modern SciencePeter Harrison00:55:052005-05-242007-01-03mp3
Can Scientists believe in Miracles?Colin Humphreys00:48:332004-03-022007-01-03mp3
Science & the Bible: are they incompatible? The creation story as a test caseErnest Lucas00:56:512004-05-132007-01-03mp3
Power & Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st centuryJonathan Sacks00:51:452003-11-252007-01-03mp3
The Future of ComputingNicholas Negroponte00:18:212006-02-012007-01-02mp3 / flash video
Three Wishes to Change the WorldLarry Brilliant00:00:002006-02-012007-01-02mp3 / flash video
TED Talk 2005Kevin Kelly00:15:062006-02-012007-01-02mp3 / flash video
An Exponentially Expanding Future From Exponentially Shrinking TechnologyRay Kurzweil01:15:192005-02-012007-01-02mp3
The Art Of The Really Long ViewPeter Schwartz01:29:092003-12-122007-01-14ogg vorbis / mp3
The Asteroid Threat Over the Next 100,000 YearsRusty Schweickart2004-03-122007-01-14ogg vorbis / mp3 / flash video
Third World Conservation: It's ALL GardeningDaniel Janzen2004-04-092007-01-14ogg vorbis / mp3 / flash video
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