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Garibaldi: the patriot as global heroLucy Riall, John Breuilly01:26:002007-10-242007-12-03mp3
New Directions: Imperatives Defining the Future Relevance and Impact of the Academic Research LibraryJim Neal01:25:512007-11-012008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Death of EnvironmentalismMichael Pollan01:25:392007-11-052008-03-18mp3 / real video
Whitman College LectureChristopher Hitchens01:25:362001-09-112007-01-22mp3
Models of Sustainable Transportation Across the GlobeSteve Jones-D'Agostino, Ric Fulop, Scott Griffith, Ken Kruckemeyer, Dick Lawrence01:25:322006-09-162007-09-30mp3 / real video / real audio
Oliver Sacks: MusicophiliaOliver Sacks01:25:322007-11-052008-01-19mp3 / real video / real audio
The Mediator: the Priest in FilmGeorge Pattison01:25:112006-02-272007-04-24mp3
Energy Crisis: Resource Scarcity Oil Wars and Climate ChangeNicholas Stern, George Soros, Mary Kaldor, Yahia Said01:25:002007-07-042007-07-30mp3
Global Warming and the Political Economy of CitiesSaskia Sassen01:25:002007-06-112007-07-30mp3
Collapse of the Soviet empire - reflections from an insiderAndrei Grachev01:25:002006-11-092007-07-30mp3
Making the World work: UK Foreign Policy, business and civil societyMark Malloch-Brown01:25:002007-11-152007-12-03mp3
A Conversation with Ambassador Joseph Wilson, IVJoseph Wilson01:24:472005-11-092007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Economics of Climate Change: Risk, Ethics, and a Global DealNicholas Stern01:24:462008-01-072008-03-25real video / windows media / mp3
California Colloquium on WaterRandy Poole01:24:102008-02-122008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Heriberto YepezHeriberto Yepez01:23:522006-11-162007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Unicorn in Captivity: Science Helping ArtDavid Chudnovsky, Gregory Chudnovsky01:23:382006-01-182007-01-06real video / mp3
Library New DirectionsFrancis X. Blouin01:23:282008-01-292008-03-18mp3 / real video
Body AdornmentRandall White01:23:222007-10-052007-10-31mp3
The View From Abroad: Is America Broken?John Micklethwait01:23:112002-06-072007-03-01mp3 / real video
Celebrity Lecture Series: Derek WalcottDerek Walcott01:23:081969-12-312007-04-29real audio
Berkeley Writers at Work: Michael PollanMichael Pollan01:23:022005-10-262007-03-01mp3 / real video
Watch What You EatRuth Reichl01:22:472007-03-062008-03-25real video / windows media / mp3
Spooky Actions at a Distance?N. David Mermin01:22:472007-04-122008-03-25real video / windows media / mp3
Patterns in Coleridge's MindJames Engell01:22:332007-05-032007-10-01real video / real audio
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Environment, Health and DemocracyRobert F. Kennedy Jr.01:22:282005-03-032007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get It BackAndrew Sullivan01:22:142006-10-032007-04-07mp3 / real video
The Role of Inter-governmental, State and Non-governmental Players in Conflict ResolutionMartti Ahtisaari01:22:002007-10-292007-12-03mp3
Denied - This bit of TruthShrenik Rao01:22:002007-10-222007-12-03mp3
Creating Forest Sector Solutions for the New BioeconomyIan de la Roche01:21:592007-10-122008-03-18mp3 / real video
Women of the World: Art and AdventureSusan Orlean, Barbara Sjoholm01:21:262004-11-112007-10-14real video / real audio
The Curious FeministCynthia Enloe01:21:172005-01-272007-10-14real video / real audio
Berkeley Writers at Work: David KirpDavid Kirp01:21:122004-03-312007-03-01mp3 / real video
Zooming Out in TimeJohn Baez01:21:022006-10-132007-01-14ogg vorbis / mp3
Avenali Lecture 2005 - Ballet and SexJoan Acocella01:21:002005-02-232007-03-01mp3 / real video
Helen Thomas - The Bush White House: How Covering the Beat has ChangedHelen Thomas01:20:302003-09-302007-03-01mp3 / real video
Death by Black HoleNeil deGrasse Tyson01:20:032007-04-162007-05-12mp3
Will Blair's European Dream Be Brown's British Nightmare?Stephen Wall01:20:002007-05-032007-07-30mp3
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