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History of The Byzantine Empire Part 11 of 13: IreneLars Brownworth00:23:2920062007-01-14mp3
Zinhle Thabethe @ Pop!Tech 2006Zinhle Thabethe00:23:2820062007-04-11mp3 / flash video / QT vid
Lester Brown @ Pop!TechLester Brown00:23:242006-12-312007-04-11mp3 / flash video
Reith Lectures 2002: 1 - Spreading SuspicionOnora O'Neill00:23:1920022007-04-12real audio
Artificial Intelligence and Existential RisksNick Bostrom00:23:162006-05-132007-05-11mp3 / flash video
Kevin Kelly @ Pop!Tech 2006Kevin Kelly00:23:1620062008-03-20flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Van Jones @ Pop!Tech 2007Van Jones00:23:1220072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Obstacles of Modernization in Arab Culture and PoetryAdonis00:23:072005-11-282007-07-02mp3
Craig Venter @ Pop!Tech 2006Craig Venter00:23:0120062008-03-20flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Serena Koening @ Pop!Tech 2006Serena Koening00:23:0020062007-04-11mp3 / flash video / QT vid
Croatia: Partnerships, Priorities and ProgressKolinda Grabar-Kitarovic00:23:002006-02-142007-05-14real video
Kwame Anthony Appiah @ Pop!Tech 2006Kwame Anthony Appiah00:23:0020062007-11-21flash video / mp3
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 LectureR. K. Pachauri00:23:002007-12-102007-12-10windows media
21st Century City: TolerationIra Katznelson00:22:572004-10-012007-01-18real video
That Dress Sounds Great on YouAlyce Santoro00:22:542006-01-132007-09-02mp3
Asimov's Laws of Robotics -- RevisedJ. Storrs Hall00:22:502007-09-082007-10-21mp3
Carl Honoré @ Pop!Tech 2007Carl Honoré00:22:4420072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Mind-Bending NatureRichard Dawkins00:22:422005-072007-01-14zip archive / mp3 / flash video
Victoria Hale @ Pop!Tech 2007Victoria Hale00:22:4020072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Freud's Theory of Jewishness: For Better and For WorseEliza Slavet00:22:392006-12-032007-09-18mp3 / windows video
Increased Intelligence, Improved LifePeter Voss00:22:362007-09-082007-10-21mp3
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 12 of 13: BasilLars Brownworth00:22:3220062007-01-14mp3
Akhenaten, His Fathers and FreudFlorence Friedman00:22:252006-12-032007-09-18mp3 / windows video
The Singularity is Near (Google Zeitgeist 2005)Ray Kurzweil00:22:192005-10-012007-01-02flash video
Four Times Square and One Bryant Park: Big and Green (Part 2 of 2)Douglas Durst, Robert Fox Jr.00:22:112003-02-272007-04-23mp3
Bugged MindsMichael Shermer00:22:062006-022007-01-14zip archive / flash video
Reith Lectures 2002: 3 - Called to AccountOnora O'Neill00:22:0620022007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 2002: 5 - Licence to DeceiveOnora O'Neill00:22:0620022007-04-12real audio
Searching for the Big Picture: Systems Theories of Accelerating ChangeJohn Smart00:22:062006-05-132007-05-11mp3 / flash video
The Pursuit of HappinessDan Gilbert00:22:022005-072007-01-14zip archive / mp3 / flash video
The Freaking PointSteven Levitt00:22:002004-022007-01-14zip archive / mp3 / flash video
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 LectureAl Gore00:22:002007-12-102007-12-10windows media
Reith Lectures 2002: 4 - Trust and TransparencyOnora O'Neill00:21:5720022007-04-12real audio
Innovative Applications of Early Stage AINeil Jacobstein00:21:542007-09-082007-10-21mp3
Daniel Pink @ Pop!Tech 2007Daniel Pink00:21:5120072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
21st Century City: EqualityRichard Sennett00:21:502004-10-012007-01-18real video
The Pastor and the PhilosopherRick Warren00:21:462006-022007-01-14flash video / mp3 / zip archive
Sheila Kennedy @ Pop!Tech 2007Sheila Kennedy00:21:4420072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Four Times Square and One Bryant Park: Big and Green (Part 1 of 2)Douglas Durst, Robert Fox Jr.00:21:432003-02-272007-04-23mp3
Toward Human-Level Intelligence in Autonomous CarsSebastian Thrun00:21:402006-05-132007-05-11mp3 / flash video
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