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A Personal Quest for InformationVwani Roychowdhury00:59:362004-02-192007-06-09flash video
Wired to be Good: What the new science of social intelligence tells us about human goodnessDacher Keltner00:59:352007-07-102007-09-21real video
Through the Children's GateAdam Gopnik00:59:332006-10-262007-04-26youtube
Rodger Kamenetz: The History of Last Night's DreamRodger Kamenetz00:59:282007-11-282008-01-19mp3 / real video / real audio
A Conversation with Paul Taylor, with Maura Keefe, dance historianPaul Taylor00:59:262005-04-292007-01-09real video / windows media
Our Energy Future: Why American Science and Engineering Must Lead the WaySamuel W. Bodman00:59:182006-05-092007-01-05real video
Judith Miller - The Consequences of Confidential Sources: Jail?Judith Miller00:59:062005-03-182007-03-01mp3 / real video
Conversations with Berkeley Faculty: Michael NachtMichael Nacht00:59:012003-02-042007-03-01mp3 / real video
Intellectual Freedom 2002: Living the Chinese CurseJudith Krug00:59:002002-05-232007-05-16real video
The Cellos of StradivariRichard Belcher, Steven Honigberg, Alfredo Halegua, John Montgomery, Carol Lynn Ward-Bamford00:59:002006-12-182007-05-28real video
The Origin of LifeJohn Maynard Smith00:58:5919952007-05-09real video
Risking Hope: Women, Prison, and Life Behind BarsCristina Rathbone00:58:592005-05-192007-10-14mp3 / real video / real audio
Nobel Laureate Dr. Stanley Prusiner: Sharing the KnowledgeStanley Prusiner00:58:572005-01-242007-03-01real video
Einstein: His Life and UniverseWalter Isaacson00:58:562007-04-182007-09-30mp3 / real video / real audio
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Paul Revere's RideCharles Bahne00:58:532007-09-192007-11-18real video / real audio
How Institutions Can Innovate--Creativity in the Public SectorMichael R. Peevey00:58:492007-10-182008-03-18mp3 / real video
Fatal Confluences: Islam, Gender, and HIV/AIDS in MalaysiaMarina Mahathir00:58:452006-03-292007-01-09real video / windows media
Conversations with History: Tom EngelhardtTom Engelhardt00:58:442004-06-212007-03-01real video
Hispanics, Immigration and PoliticsMaria Echaveste00:58:402007-03-122007-09-21real video
Beyond Freakonomics: New Musings on the Economics of Everyday LifeSteven Levitt00:58:382006-09-272007-01-09real video / windows media
Inbox ZeroMerlin Mann00:58:382007-07-252007-07-25flash video
Reith Lectures 2006: 1- In the Beginning was SoundDaniel Barenboim00:58:3020062007-04-12real audio / real video
Conversations with History: Chalmers JohnsonChalmers Johnson00:58:282004-03-012007-03-01real video
Mesopotamia Endangered: Witnessing the Loss of HistoryJoanne Farchakh00:58:252005-02-072007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Future of GadgetsAlbert Pisano00:58:222005-10-012007-03-01mp3 / real video
Parting Policy AddressKofi Annan00:58:192006-11-282007-01-14real video / windows media
Zebrafish and Cancer: What's the Connection?Nancy Hopkins00:58:172006-09-192007-01-05real video
Towards the Neuronal Basis of ConsciousnessChristof Koch00:58:152004-05-142007-01-18real video
New Horizons Mission to PlutoRichard Binzel00:58:152007-04-182007-11-18mp3 / real video / real audio
Authors@Google: James RandiJames Randi00:58:102007-08-062007-11-10youtube
Conversations with History: David FrumDavid Frum00:58:092004-02-162007-03-01real video
21st Century City: EqualityPartha Chatterjee00:58:072004-10-012007-01-18real video
Formation and Evolution of Extrasolar Planetary SystemsDebra Fischer00:58:0020062007-04-09real video
Lincoln's Other White House: the Untold Story of the Man and His PresidencyElizabeth Smith Brownstein00:58:002006-02-072007-05-21real video
Orthodoxy and Western Christianity in the 21st CenturyBishop Kallistos00:57:422002-04-162007-01-09real video / windows media / windows media
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