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Celebrity Lecture Series: Pat ConroyPat Conroy00:00:001991-04-292007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Carlos FuentesCarlos Fuentes00:00:001991-04-192007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Jacques d'AmboiseJacques d'Amboise00:00:001991-03-272007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Maya AngelouMaya Angelou00:00:001990-05-212007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Norman MailerNorman Mailer00:00:001990-04-032007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: E.L. DoctorowE.L. Doctorow00:00:001990-03-052007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Arthur MillerArthur Miller00:00:001989-05-022007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Susan SontagSusan Sontag00:00:001989-04-242007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Tom WolfeTom Wolfe01:37:301989-03-292007-04-29real audio
This Past Must Address Its PresentWole Soyinka00:43:001986-12-062007-01-03real audio
Nobel LectureWilliam Golding00:36:001983-12-072007-01-03real audio
Lecture on Public DisourseWilliam S. Burroughs01:29:041980-08-112007-05-06mp3
Photons - Corpuscles of Light (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 1 of 4)Richard Feynman01:17:5719792007-02-25real video
Fits of Reflection and Transmission - Quantum Behavior (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 2 of 4)Richard Feynman01:38:5119792007-02-25real video
Electrons and their Interactions (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 3 of 4)Richard Feynman01:40:2119792007-02-25real video
New Queries (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 4 of 4)Richard Feynman01:33:2219792007-02-25real video
Nobel LectureIsaac Bashevis Singer00:10:001978-12-082007-01-03real audio
Nobel LectureSaul Bellow00:11:001976-12-122007-01-03real audio
Science and PseudoscienceImre Lakatos00:18:5619732007-08-01mp3
Celebrity Lecture Series: Derek WalcottDerek Walcott01:23:081969-12-312007-04-29real audio
Global Change, Extinctions, and the New Age of Discovery: Ornithologist’s Bird’s-eye ViewRichard Prum00:14:001969-12-312007-06-02itunes
The Mother of All DemosDouglas Engelbart01:14:371968-12-092007-04-07flash video
Talk at the San Francisco Masonic AuditoriumJames Baldwin00:50:0119652007-09-17mp3 stream
The Modern PoemWilliam Carlos Williams00:57:021955-05-082007-07-26mp3
Creative Mind: The Architect as CreatorFrank Lloyd Wright00:00:0019502007-01-08real audio
Creative Mind: The Theoretical Scientist as CreatorHarlow Shapley00:00:0019502007-01-08real audio
Creative Mind: The Musician as CreatorAaron Copland00:00:0019502007-01-08real audio
Creative Mind: The Poet as CreatorAllen Tate00:00:0019502007-01-08real audio
Deciphering diseaseDario Alessi2007-01-25real video / windows media
A silent killer?Fran Balkwill2007-01-25real video / windows media
Structure of the living cellIain Campbell2007-01-25real video / windows media
Microscopy goes cold: frozen viruses reveal their structural secretsTony Crowther2007-01-25real video / windows media
The role of Sustainability MetricsRichard Darton2007-01-25real video / windows media
Why life speeds up as you get olderDouwe Draaisma2007-01-25real video / windows media
Why creationism is wrong and evolution is rightSteve Jones2007-01-25real video / windows media
Why we cooperateMartin Nowak2007-01-25real video / windows media
Stern review on economics of climate changeNicholas Stern2007-01-25real video / windows media
Plagues & parasitesNicholas White2007-01-25real video / windows media
The Puppet Master: How the brain controls the bodyDaniel Wolpert2007-01-25real video / windows media
New views on human originsChris Stringer2007-01-25real video / windows media
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