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Reith Lectures 2000: 4 - Health and PopulationGro Harlem Brundtland00:55:5820002007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 2000: 5 - Poverty and GlobalisationVandana Shiva00:56:2920002007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 2000: 6 - A Royal ViewPrince Charles00:56:0720002007-04-12real audio
God and Computers: IntroductionDonald Knuth00:00:001999-10-062007-01-03mp3
The Knowledge Web (Part 1 of 2)James Burke00:24:001999-06-282007-06-19real audio
The Knowledge Web (Part 2 of 2)James Burke00:25:501999-06-282007-06-19real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: David HalberstamDavid Halberstam00:00:001999-04-262007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: David McCulloughDavid McCullough00:00:001999-04-142007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Paul TherouxPaul Theroux00:00:001999-03-292007-04-29real audio
Reith Lectures 1999: 1 - Globalisation - LondonAnthony Giddens00:57:0419992007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 1999: 2 - Risk - Hong KongAnthony Giddens00:00:0019992007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 1999: 3 - Tradition - DelhiAnthony Giddens00:00:0019992007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 1999: 4 - Family - Washington DCAnthony Giddens00:00:0019992007-04-12real audio
Reith Lectures 1999: 5 - Democracy - LondonAnthony Giddens00:00:0019992007-04-12real audio
Poetry and American MemoryRobert Pinsky01:27:001998-10-082007-05-16real video
Is there an Artificial God?Douglas Adams01:11:101998-092007-07-16mp3
Celebrity Lecture Series: August WilsonAugust Wilson01:36:491998-04-152007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Richard FordRichard Ford00:00:001998-03-162007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Amy TanAmy Tan00:00:001997-03-112007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: John IrvingJohn Irving00:00:001996-03-252007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Garry WillsGarry Wills01:33:021996-03-192007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Jane SmileyJane Smiley00:00:001996-02-062007-04-29real audio
Lecture on Robert DuncanRobin Blaser00:41:0219962007-07-29mp3 / real audio
Crediting PoetrySeamus Heaney00:51:001995-12-072007-01-03real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: John UpdikeJohn Updike00:00:001995-04-272007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende00:00:001995-03-272007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Edward AlbeeEdward Albee00:00:001995-02-082007-04-29real audio
The Origin of LifeJohn Maynard Smith00:58:5919952007-05-09real video
Celebrity Lecture Series: Margaret AtwoodMargaret Atwood00:00:001994-04-182007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Terry McMillanTerry McMillan00:00:001994-04-012007-04-29real audio
Nobel LectureToni Morrison00:33:001993-12-072007-01-03real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: William KennedyWilliam Kennedy00:00:001993-04-262007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Philip RothPhilip Roth00:00:001993-04-072007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Judith JamisonJudith Jamison00:00:001993-03-162007-04-29real audio
The Antilles: Fragments of Epic MemoryDerek Walcott00:48:001992-12-072007-01-03real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.Kurt Vonnegut Jr.01:32:291992-04-082007-04-29real audio
How I Got Out of Poetry and Into ProseBarbara Guest00:20:241992-04-012007-07-17mp3
Celebrity Lecture Series: Joseph HellerJoseph Heller00:00:001992-03-092007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Tony HillermanTony Hillerman00:00:001992-02-032007-04-29real audio
Celebrity Lecture Series: Joyce Carol OatesJoyce Carol Oates00:00:001991-05-212007-04-29real audio
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