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Is Democracy a Universal Value?Ian Buruma01:19:412005-11-152007-01-09real video / windows media
Is Democracy in Crisis? Lessons from the Greek ExperienceCostas Simitis01:30:002007-10-232007-12-03mp3
Is Destiny beyond Death Credible?John Polkinghorne2006-11-092007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
Is Immortality Important?Karen Armstrong01:32:092005-112007-07-02real video
Is Reconciliation Between Muslims and Christians Possible?Miroslav Volf00:53:002006-09-302007-06-22itunes
Is the 'Rule of Law' Good for Cities?Gerald Frug01:14:002007-06-052007-07-30mp3
Is the Commander-in-Chief Subject to the Rule of Law?: On Torture, Spying, and Detention in the War on TerrorDavid Cole00:46:3420062007-05-06mp3 / real audio
Is the Universe Designed?Rodney Holder2006-07-172007-04-05QT stream / QT vid
Is the world really shrinking?Doreen Massey00:58:5420062007-05-05mp3
Is there a Democratic Deficit in World Politics?Andrew Moravcsik01:20:002007-04-052008-03-25real video / windows media / mp3
Is there an Artificial God?Douglas Adams01:11:101998-092007-07-16mp3
Islam and Modernity: The Problem with ParadiseZiauddin Sardar2005-05-052007-04-25mp3 / real video
Islam: A Truly American Religion?Jane Smith00:56:472007-04-192007-08-21youtube
Islamic Law and Feminism: Opening a DialogueZiba Mir Hosseini01:13:182003-03-062007-01-09real video / windows media
Islamic Political PhilosophyCharles Butterworth01:31:432007-10-152007-10-19mp3
Israel and the JewsDan Cohn-Sherbok00:46:372006-06-102007-05-08mp3
Israel and the Palestinians: Domestic Developments and Prospects for TalksShai Feldman, Khalil Shikaki01:26:002007-06-132007-07-30mp3
Israel: Peace and WarAmos Oz01:18:102003-11-102007-01-09real video / windows media
Issues in Foreign Policy: Changes in World PowerLord Rees-Mogg00:57:142007-02-232007-10-27mp3
It's Every Monkey for ThemselvesVanessa Woods00:37:162007-03-072007-04-25mp3
It's Not Easy Being a FrogDavid Skelly00:09:002007-02-212007-06-02itunes
Ivan Marovic @ Pop!Tech 2005Ivan Marovic00:19:5020052008-03-20flash video / mp3 / QT vid
iWoz: From Computer Geek to Culture Icon: How I Invented the Personal Computer, Co-Founded Apple, and Had Fun Doing ItSteve Wozniak00:00:002006-09-282007-01-05real video
Jacob's Ambivalent LegacyJoel Whitebook00:30:512006-12-032007-09-18mp3 / windows video
James Madison and the Spirit of RepublicanismColleen Sheehan01:22:172006-04-262007-01-09real video / windows media
Jamestown vs. Plymouth: America's Historical AmnesiaKaren Ordahl Kupperman, Walter W. Woodward00:53:322007-05-142007-10-04mp3 / real video / real audio
Jane Austen and WarClaudia Johnson01:13:282005-03-032007-01-09real video / windows media
Jane Austen FaintsHermione Lee01:05:122004-09-282007-01-09real video / windows media
Jane Goodall: The Bixby Symposium on Population and ConservationJane Goodall00:53:012006-05-062007-03-01real video
Jason Moran @ Pop!Tech 2006Jason Moran00:14:5820062008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Jesse Sullivan & Todd Kuiken @ Pop!Tech 2005Jesse Sullivan, Todd Kuiken00:27:2520052007-04-11mp3 / flash video / QT vid
Jessica Flannery @ Pop!Tech 2007Jessica Flannery00:21:3720072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Jesus, Paul, and the Origins of ChristianityPaula Fredriksen2000-09-172007-01-09windows media
John Brady Kiesling: Preserving America's Moral CapitalJohn Brady Kiesling01:11:462003-05-162007-03-01real video
John Dilulio, Jr.: What Would Franklin Do? A Centrist Civic Primer on Religion, Politics, and Community-Serving ProgramsJohn Dilulio01:32:082006-04-062007-03-01real video
John Edwards: Forum on Poverty in AmericaJohn Edwards00:34:342005-10-252007-03-01mp3 / real video
John Holmstrom, founder of PUNK magazine, discusses publishing, illustrating punk albums, New York, the mafia, and more. (part 1 of 2)John Holmstrom2006-06-302007-04-20m4v
John Holmstrom, founder of PUNK magazine, discusses publishing, illustrating punk albums, New York, the mafia, and more. (part 2 of 2)John Holmstrom2006-06-302007-04-20m4v
John Legend @ Pop!Tech 2007John Legend00:20:1620072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
John Marshall and the Myth of MarburyRobert Lowry Clinton01:29:212006-02-272007-01-09real video / windows media
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