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Library New DirectionsKevin Guthrie01:26:102008-01-072008-03-18mp3 / real video
Library New DirectionsPeter Brantley01:06:312008-01-152008-03-18mp3 / real video
Library New DirectionsFrancis X. Blouin01:23:282008-01-292008-03-18mp3 / real video
Library New DirectionsPhillip D. Long01:08:362008-02-192008-03-18mp3 / real video
Library of Congress Landscape RenovationMatthew Evans, Holly Shimizu, Carl Morgan00:52:002006-05-232007-05-22real video
Life and death in the Neolithic CotswoldsNick Snashall00:54:332006-11-222007-01-23mp3
Life on Our Home Turf: Scanning the Solar SystemUrsula B. Marvin01:08:262002-10-092007-10-06real video / real audio
Light at the End of the Tunnel? Costs and Benefits of Mideast Peace for the International CommunityYehuda Lancry, Ahmed Aboul Gheit00:00:002000-04-172007-01-11windows media
Lincoln and Whitman: Parallel Lives in Civil War WashingtonDaniel Mark Epstein00:47:002004-09-302007-05-22real video
Lincoln's GodMark Noll01:22:572003-04-222007-01-09real video / windows media
Lincoln's Other White House: the Untold Story of the Man and His PresidencyElizabeth Smith Brownstein00:58:002006-02-072007-05-21real video
Linked: Networks from Biology to the World Wide WebAlbert-Laszlo Barabasi01:16:422005-09-272007-04-10mp3 / real audio / real video
Liquidity Asset Prices and Market EfficiencyJiang Wang01:09:002007-06-182007-07-30mp3
Listening to global women's voices: reflections on interfaith dialogueUrsula King00:49:532006-11-062007-01-23mp3
Lives for our Times: Biography and Global HistoryLinda Colley01:27:482007-12-112008-03-25real video / windows media
Liz CarpenterLiz Carpenter00:28:002001-09-082007-05-16real video An Interactive EvaluationSteve Krug, Lou Rosenfeld01:40:002004-05-052007-05-22real video
Loeve Prize CeremonyAndrei Okounkov00:00:002007-10-152008-03-18real video
Long-term Policy AnalysisJames Dewar01:09:082004-02-132007-01-14mp3 / ogg vorbis
Long-term Policy to Make the War on Terror ShortJohn Rendon01:29:082006-07-142007-01-14ogg vorbis / mp3
Looking For Mr. Gilbert: African-American PhotographerJohn Hanson Mitchell00:00:002005-03-302007-01-07real video / real audio / mp3
Losang Rabgey @ Pop!Tech 2006Losang Rabgey00:26:2120062008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Louann Brizendine @ Pop!Tech 2007Louann Brizendine00:19:1620072008-03-21flash video / mp3 / QT vid
Louis I. Kahn and the Ruins of RomeVincent Scully01:06:002006-12-062007-05-23itunes
Love, Internet StyleClay Shirky00:10:002007-07-102007-07-10quicktime video
Lowering our carbon footprintGeoff Hammond00:51:502007-10-242008-03-22mp3
Lyric Intimacy: Speaking to Invisible Listeners: I. George Herbert and God: Intimacy with the Better SelfHelen Vendler01:03:052004-04-142007-01-09real video / windows media
Lyric Intimacy: Speaking to Invisible Listeners: II. Walt Whitman and the Reader in Futurity: Intimacy with the Longed-for CameradoHelen Vendler00:55:572004-04-152007-01-09real video / windows media
Lyric Intimacy: Speaking to Invisible Listeners: III. John Ashbery and the Artist of the Past: Intimacy with a Vanished TwinHelen Vendler00:53:412004-04-162007-01-09real video / windows media
Macedonia - tests passed and the challenges aheadAntonio Miloš, oski00:55:002007-10-182007-12-03mp3
Machines of Loving Grace: Anticipating Advanced AIPaul Saffo00:11:272007-09-082007-10-21mp3
Magnetic brain stimulation: what can it tell us about brain function?Alan Cowey2004-11-092007-01-25real video / windows media
Maimonides (Part 1: The Language of Man)Lenn E. Goodman00:57:0820032007-04-07mp3
Maimonides (Part 2: The Act of Creation)Lenn E. Goodman00:53:2020032007-04-07mp3
Maimonides (Part 3: The Works of Man)Lenn E. Goodman00:56:2720032007-04-07mp3
Maimonides (Part 4: The Account of the Chariot)Lenn E. Goodman00:56:0820032007-04-07mp3
Maimonides (Part 5: The Words of the Living God)Lenn E. Goodman00:54:0320032007-04-07mp3
Making Digital Durable: What Time Does to CategoriesClay Shirky01:36:302005-11-142007-01-14flash video / mp3 / ogg vorbis
Making Room for California's Future: Why the Central Valley MattersCarol Whiteside01:13:002006-02-032007-03-01real video
Making the World work: UK Foreign Policy, business and civil societyMark Malloch-Brown01:25:002007-11-152007-12-03mp3
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