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The Holloway Series in PoetryRachel Levitsky00:57:252007-11-152008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in PoetryNathaniel Mackey01:16:222008-02-072008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in PoetryErín Moure01:11:352008-02-282008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry - Rae ArmantroutRae Armantrout01:02:282007-09-272008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry - Ted PearsonTed Pearson01:13:222007-10-042008-03-18mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Aaron KuninAaron Kunin01:14:352007-02-072007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Jorie GrahamJorie Graham01:17:162007-04-202007-09-21mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Claudia RankineClaudia Rankine01:05:452006-10-122007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Cole SwensenCole Swensen01:13:412007-02-202007-09-21mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Heriberto YepezHeriberto Yepez01:23:522006-11-162007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Joshua CloverJoshua Clover01:10:482007-03-152007-09-21mp3 / real video
The Holloway Series in Poetry: Lisa RobertsonLisa Robertson00:47:382006-09-272007-03-01mp3 / real video
The Human BeastTom Wolfe01:41:002006-12-312007-08-02mp3 / real video / windows media
The Human Importance of the Intelligence ExplosionEliezer Yudkowsky00:34:552006-05-132007-05-11mp3 / flash video
The Hydrogen Economy: preparing the world for a new energy era and the third industrial revolutionJeremy Rifkin01:26:002007-05-082007-07-30mp3
The Idea of Law in Science and ReligionLydia Jaeger2006-07-202007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
The Ignorance of Chicken, or, Who Believes What Today?Slavoj Zizek01:00:392006-04-122007-02-02mp3
The Impact of einstein's Relativity on Christian ThoughtJohn Pilbrow2007-03-312007-04-05mp3
The Journey to the West: The formation of fiction and its receptionAnthony Yu01:06:332007-01-132007-04-07mp3
The Knowledge Web (Part 1 of 2)James Burke00:24:001999-06-282007-06-19real audio
The Knowledge Web (Part 2 of 2)James Burke00:25:501999-06-282007-06-19real audio
The Kosovo Precedent? Secession and Frozen ConflictsFlorian Bieber, Bruno Coppieters01:31:002007-01-222007-07-30mp3
The Library of AlexandriaAndrew G. Jameson01:03:582007-10-232008-01-19real video / real audio
The Life of BuddhaKaren Armstrong01:15:402001-032007-07-02real audio
The Long GreenPaul Hawken2004-10-152007-01-14ogg vorbis / mp3
The Long NowBrian Eno2003-11-142007-01-14ogg vorbis
The Long Time TailChris Anderson, Will Hearst2006-05-122007-01-14ogg vorbis
The Long ZoomSteven Johnson01:26:102007-05-112007-08-05mp3 / ogg vorbis
The Mabo Case: Its Significance For Australia And The WorldPeter Russell2006-03-162007-04-17mp3
The Man in the Woollen MaskAdrian Scott00:43:092007-02-212007-10-27mp3
The Mandaeans: an instance of minority survivalUlrike Al-Khamis00:43:482006-06-102007-05-08mp3
The Meaning of Compassion in Everyday LifeDalai Lama01:30:002007-05-012007-05-05mp3 / mp4
The Mediaeval Church Encounters the Classical Tradition: St Augustine and Roger BaconDavid Lindberg2006-07-242007-04-05mp3 / QT stream / QT vid
The Mediator: the Priest in FilmGeorge Pattison01:25:112006-02-272007-04-24mp3
The Modern PoemWilliam Carlos Williams00:57:021955-05-082007-07-26mp3
The Nature of Self-Improving Artificial IntelligenceStephen M. Omohundro00:26:412007-09-082007-10-21mp3
The New Great TransformationPaul Hawken01:12:152007-06-082007-08-05mp3 / ogg vorbis
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