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The Macintosh Marketing Story: Fact and Fiction, 20 Years LaterMike Murray, Mike Boich, Andrea Cunningham, Joanna Hoffman, Guy Kawasaki, Steve Scheier2004-01-222007-01-18windows media
Mom Loved Him Best: Bert & Ivan Sutherland with Bob SproullIvan Sutherl, Bert Sutherl, Bob Sproull2004-02-032007-01-18windows media
The Osborne OdysseyLee Felsenstein, Richard Frank, Jack Melchor, John Markoff2004-03-252007-01-18windows media
360 RevolutionFrederick P. Brooks, Bob Evans, Nick Donofrio2004-04-072007-01-18windows media
We the MediaDan Gillmor2004-05-202007-01-18windows media
Then and Now: Computer Graphics in GamesJordan Mechner, Miller, Will Wright, Vince Broady2004-06-102007-01-18windows media
Inktomi's Wild Ride: A Personal View of the Internet BubbleEric Brewer2004-06-222007-01-18windows media
The Mars Exploration Rover Project - How Spirit and Opportunity Got to MarsPeter C. Theisinger2004-07-282007-01-18windows media
Odysseys in TechnologyGreg Papadopoulos2004-09-282007-01-18windows media
Music Meets The ComputerJohn Chowning, Max Mathews, Curtis Roads2004-12-142007-01-18windows media
Computer History Museum Presents Steve Case in Conversation with Walt MossbergSteve Case, Walt Mossberg2005-01-122007-01-18flash video / windows media
Information Security—Before, During, and After Public-Key CryptographyWhitfield Diffie2005-01-262007-01-18flash video / windows media
From Gutenberg to Galaxy: Accessing Cultural Assets OnlineRick Prelinger, Czeslaw Jan Grycz, Paula Jabloner, Henry Lowood, Mark Mudge2005-02-232007-01-18flash video / windows media
How Computer Storage Became a Modern BusinessJim Porter, Larry Boucher, Randy H. Katz, Clod Barrera, Mike Gluck2005-03-092007-01-18flash video / windows media
Pixels and MeRichard F. Lyon2005-03-232007-01-18flash video / windows media
Innovation is Nothing New:100-Odd Years of Venture Capital WisdomReid Dennis, Pitch Johnson2005-04-272007-01-18flash video / windows media
A Human Story of Computer AnimationBrad Bird2005-05-162007-01-18flash video / windows media
When Computers Were HumanDavid Alan Grier2005-06-062007-01-18flash video / windows media
The History of Computer Chess: An AI PerspectiveMurray Campbell, Edward Feigenbaum, David Levy, John McCarthy, Monty Newborn2005-09-082007-01-18flash video / windows media
An Evening with Carol BartzCarol Bartz2005-09-132007-01-18flash video / windows media
The 40th Anniversary of Moore's LawGordon Moore, Carver Mead2005-09-292007-01-18flash video / windows media
Research and FunIvan Sutherl2005-10-192007-01-18flash video / windows media
A Public Discussion on the National Science Foundation's Large-Scale Computing Research Efforts for the FuturePeter Freeman, Larry Smarr, Deborah Estrin, Shankar Sastry, Dan Boneh, David Dill2005-10-202007-01-18flash video / windows media
The Origins of Zelenograd: The Amazing Story Of Two U.S. Engineers In Cold War RussiaSteven Usdin2005-11-072007-01-18flash video / windows media
An Evening with Paul Baran, in conversation with Henry LowoodPaul Baran, Henry Lowood2005-12-072007-01-18flash video / windows media
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