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Waiting for the Great Leap...Forward?James Hughes2007-09-0800:26:02mp3
Singularity Summit 2007: Second Panel DiscussionStephen M. Omohundro, Peter Voss2007-09-0800:10:23mp3
Singularity Summit 2007: Fifth Panel DiscussionChristine L. Peterson, James Hughes, Eliezer Yudkowsky2007-09-0800:16:51mp3
Singularity Summit 2007: Fourth Panel DiscussionJ. Storrs Hall, Peter Thiel, Charles L. Harper, Jr.2007-09-0800:38:05mp3
Singularity Summit 2007: Third Panel DiscussionNeil Jacobstein, Ben Goertzel, Paul Saffo2007-09-0800:19:01mp3
Singularity Summit 2007: Panel DiscussionBarney Pell, Wendell Wallach, Sam Adams2007-09-0800:27:07mp3
The Challenge of Friendly AIEliezer Yudkowsky2007-09-0800:21:12mp3
Introducing the "Singularity": Three Major Schools of ThoughtEliezer Yudkowsky2007-09-0800:34:11mp3
A Dialogue with Ray KurzweilRay Kurzweil2007-09-0801:06:59mp3
Preparing for Bizarreness: Open Source Physical SecurityChristine L. Peterson2007-09-0800:18:35mp3
Dichotomy of Designed and Evolutionary Paths to AI FuturesSteve Jurvetson2007-09-0800:27:09mp3
Superintelligence, the "Dilemma of Power," and the Transformation of DesireCharles L. Harper, Jr.2007-09-0800:25:24mp3
Financial Markets and the SingularityPeter Thiel2007-09-0800:20:06mp3
Asimov's Laws of Robotics -- RevisedJ. Storrs Hall2007-09-0800:22:50mp3
The History and Future of Technological ChangePeter Norvig2007-09-0800:45:09mp3
Machines of Loving Grace: Anticipating Advanced AIPaul Saffo2007-09-0800:11:27mp3
Nine Years to a Positive Singularity -- If We Really, Really TryBen Goertzel2007-09-0800:25:28mp3
Innovative Applications of Early Stage AINeil Jacobstein2007-09-0800:21:54mp3
Increased Intelligence, Improved LifePeter Voss2007-09-0800:22:36mp3
The Nature of Self-Improving Artificial IntelligenceStephen M. Omohundro2007-09-0800:26:41mp3
Metaverse SingularityJamais Cascio2007-09-0800:28:12mp3
Superstition and Forgetfulness -- Two Essentials for Artificial General IntelligenceSam Adams2007-09-0800:25:07mp3
The Road to Singularity: Comedic Complexity, Technological Thresholds, and Bioethical Broad JumpsWendell Wallach2007-09-0800:36:52mp3
Pathways to Advanced General Intelligence: Architecture, Development, and FundingBarney Pell2007-09-0800:30:42mp3
The Singularity: A Period Not An EventRodney Brooks2007-09-0800:47:12mp3
The Human Importance of the Intelligence ExplosionEliezer Yudkowsky2006-05-1300:34:55mp3
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Searching for the Big Picture: Systems Theories of Accelerating ChangeJohn Smart2006-05-1300:22:06mp3
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Bringing Humanity and the Biosphere through the SingularityChristine L. Peterson2006-05-1300:12:02mp3
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Cognitive and Emotional Singularities: Will Superintelligence come with Superwisdom?Max More2006-05-1300:20:04mp3
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Productive Nanosystems: Toward a Super-Exponential Threshold in Physical TechnologyK. Eric Drexler2006-05-1300:18:54mp3
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Singularity or Dark Age?Cory Doctorow2006-05-1300:19:10mp3
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Toward Human-Level Intelligence in Autonomous CarsSebastian Thrun2006-05-1300:21:40mp3
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Artificial Intelligence and Existential RisksNick Bostrom2006-05-1300:23:16mp3
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Trying to Muse Rationally about the Singularity ScenarioDouglas R. Hofstadter2006-05-1300:34:18mp3
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The Singularity: A Hard or Soft Takeoff?Ray Kurzweil2006-05-1300:49:52mp3
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Being Good EnoughBill McKibben2006-05-1300:24:45mp3
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