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A Hundred Years of Relativity: what remains controversial for the philosopher?Harvey Brown2007-04-1800:59:00mp3
American Policy Toward Israel: the power and limits of beliefsMichael Thomas2007-05-3001:14:00mp3
Appropriation of Freedom: Freud's conception of the individual self-relationAxel Honneth2007-06-2101:34:00mp3
Are Solicitors' Lives Necessarily Boring?Stephen Cretney2007-10-2400:42:00mp3
Beyond the Genome: the challenge of synthetic biologySarah Franklin, Peter Lipton, Chris Mason, Craig Venter2007-10-2401:40:00mp3
British Foreign Policy - Challenges facing the next Prime MinisterLord Howe, Lord Hurd, Robin Niblett, Lord Owen, Gideon Rachman, Malcolm Rifkind2007-04-3001:11:00mp3
Can the Welfare State Work in a Globalising World?President Tarja Halonen2007-10-1701:05:00mp3
Cash In - Carbon OutSam Frankhauser, Abyd Karmali, Ralf Martin, Michael Mainelli, Jan-Peter Onstwedder, Martin Wolf2007-10-1801:40:00mp3
China’s Financial Markets: how they are emerging as a global forceHoward Davies2007-10-2901:31:00mp3
Collapse of the Soviet empire - reflections from an insiderAndrei Grachev2006-11-0901:25:00mp3
Contracts Reference Points and the Theory of the FirmOliver Hart2007-02-2201:19:00mp3
Cornered in the Centre: aid and development in a rough neighbourhoodToby Lanzer2007-10-2201:27:00mp3
Democracy or Dictatorship? Emerging Political Crisis in PakistanImran Khan2007-06-1201:08:00mp3
Denied - This bit of TruthShrenik Rao2007-10-2201:22:00mp3
Development Governance and the Media: the role of the media in building African societyMark Wilson, James Deane, Gerald Milward-Oliver2007-06-2701:37:00mp3
Do War Crime Trials Do More Harm Than Good?Richard Goldstone and Leslie Vinjamuri2007-05-0301:36:00mp3
Energy Crisis: Resource Scarcity Oil Wars and Climate ChangeMary Kaldor, Yahia Said, George Soros, Nicholas Stern2007-07-0401:25:00mp3
Europe, Migration and Globalisation – What About the Workers?John Monks2007-10-2301:02:00mp3
Financial Reform in China: what next?Howard Davies2006-10-1701:30:00mp3
Financing Sustainable Urban DevelopmentHari Sankaran2007-06-0401:34:21mp3
France and Britain in Europe and the World: let's seize the opportunitiesGerard Errera2007-11-2901:26:00mp3
From Kabila to Kabila: what else is new?Rene Lemarchand2007-02-1901:39:00mp3
Garibaldi: the patriot as global heroLucy Riall, John Breuilly2007-10-2401:26:00mp3
Global Warming and the Political Economy of CitiesSaskia Sassen2007-06-1101:25:00mp3
Globalising Capital Markets: new actors, new flows, new partnershipsRichard J Gnodde2007-10-3101:02:00mp3
Globilisation and WelfarePaul Krugman2007-06-1401:31:00mp3
Inventing TemperatureHasok Chang2007-04-1801:04:00mp3
Is Democracy in Crisis? Lessons from the Greek ExperienceCostas Simitis2007-10-2301:30:00mp3
Is the 'Rule of Law' Good for Cities?Gerald Frug2007-06-0501:14:00mp3
Israel and the Palestinians: Domestic Developments and Prospects for TalksShai Feldman, Khalil Shikaki2007-06-1301:26:00mp3
Liquidity Asset Prices and Market EfficiencyJiang Wang2007-06-1801:09:00mp3
Macedonia - tests passed and the challenges aheadAntonio Miloš, oski2007-10-1800:55:00mp3
Making the World work: UK Foreign Policy, business and civil societyMark Malloch-Brown2007-11-1501:25:00mp3
Marking a New Era for Equality and Human Rights in BritainBaroness Jane Campbell, Francesca Klug, Trevor Phillips2007-10-2501:38:00mp3
Morality and Media in the 21st Century - a panel in celebration of the work of Professor Roger SilverstoneStan Cohen, Richard Sambrook, Charlie Beckett, Robin Mansell, Daniel Dayan, Lilie Chouliaraki2006-10-1601:28:00mp3
New Labour - Ten Years OnAnthony Giddens, Kinnock, Ed Miliband, Mandy Telford, Stephen Twigg2007-05-0901:28:00mp3
Panel Discussion on Judicial BiographyNeil Duxbury, Lisa Jardine, Nicola Lacey, Geoffrey Lewis2007-10-1701:06:00mp3
Psychology as Social ScienceNikolas Rose2007-02-0502:00:00mp3
Public Diplomacy - Steps to the FutureDavid Triesman2007-04-2301:18:00mp3
Public Space and the BodyAntony Gormley, Darian Leader, Renata Salecl2007-10-1601:32:00mp3
Re-searching the Potential of Cultural-Historical PsychologyMichael Cole2007-05-1601:27:00mp3
Re-Writing the History of the Constitution: from the miraculous to the politicalCarol Berkin2007-11-2701:12:00mp3
Russia after Putin: revisionism or reform, isolation or integrationRoderic Lyne2007-11-2701:02:00mp3
Science and PseudoscienceImre Lakatos197300:18:56mp3
Sustaining Growth and promoting inclusion in India's Economy and SocietyNicholas Stern2007-06-2601:38:00mp3
Swords and PloughsharesPaddy Ashdown2007-05-2101:29:00mp3
The Ageing Society: challenges opportunities and unnecessary scaresAdair Turner2007-04-2301:32:00mp3
The Divergence of the Bottom BillionPaul Collier2007-10-1801:27:00mp3
The European Union and the Challenge of GlobalisationMatti Vanhanen2006-10-0501:13:00mp3
The Hydrogen Economy: preparing the world for a new energy era and the third industrial revolutionJeremy Rifkin2007-05-0801:26:00mp3
The Kosovo Precedent? Secession and Frozen ConflictsFlorian Bieber, Bruno Coppieters2007-01-2201:31:00mp3
The NHS: The Next 10 YearsPatricia Hewitt2007-06-1401:09:00mp3
The Role of Inter-governmental, State and Non-governmental Players in Conflict ResolutionMartti Ahtisaari2007-10-2901:22:00mp3
The Ukrainian Elections 2007: whatever happened to the Orange Revolution?Gwendolyn Sasse, Andrew Wilson2007-10-1601:00:00mp3
Trade and Inequality RevisitedPaul Krugman2007-05-0400:52:00mp3
Turning Risk into Opportunity: An insider's guide to entrepreneurial strategyRonald Cohen2007-11-2901:09:00mp3
Utopian Hope and Apocalyptic ReligionJohn Gray2007-10-1801:11:00mp3
When Values Conflict: How citizens stakeholders and experts contributed to formulating policy for managing the UK's radioactive wasteLawrence Phillips2006-10-1801:20:00mp3
Which way China? Will the world's most populous country embrace sustainable development? Is Dongtan City - Shanghai's new eco-city - the model for saving our cities and sustainable urban development?Herbie Girardet2007-02-2101:30:00mp3
Will Blair's European Dream Be Brown's British Nightmare?Stephen Wall2007-05-0301:20:00mp3