available lectures (total: 130)
Stem Cell Challenges in Biology and Public PolicyDouglas MeltonPrinceton2007-04-1001:17:53
Structural Plasticity in the Adult BrainElizabeth GouldPrinceton2007-04-2501:16:04
Selective Attention: Neuroscience and the Art MuseumBarbara StaffordHigh Museum2007-03-2201:12:04
In Service to Society: Energy & HealthJay Keasling Dan KammenBerkeley2007-10-1300:00:00
The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental PhysicsDavid GrossBerkeley2007-10-1901:38:10
California Colloquium on WaterBarton ThompsonBerkeley2008-03-1101:30:05
The Aging Brain: An OverviewAlan B. GrindalAcademy of Lifelong Learning2006-12-3100:00:00
Wellness and the Aging BrianKevin O'NeilAcademy of Lifelong Learning2008-02-1500:00:00
Mid-Ocean Ridges of the Pacific: Why the Sea is SaltyGary MassothNew England Aquarium2007-10-2901:11:02
A DNA-Driven World (Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007)Craig VenterBBC2007-12-0100:43:31
Beyond the Genome: the challenge of synthetic biologyChris Mason, Peter Lipton, Craig Venter, Sarah FranklinLondon School of Economics2007-10-2401:40:00
Planetary Perils in PragueOwen GingerichMuseum of Science2007-04-0401:02:18
Lessons from Sputnik: Shaping Science EducationFrank Baumgartner, Tina Grotzer, Rebecca Miller, John Rudolph, Brent MaddinHarvard2007-10-0401:08:28
Translating Science for Public UnderstandingFranklin Gilliam, Jr., Jack Shonkoff, Susan Nall Bales, Hiro YoshikawaHarvard2007-10-0201:49:40
Authors@Google: James RandiJames RandiGoogle2007-08-0600:58:10
Conflict and Cooperation in the Family Life of BirdsTamas SzekelyUniversity of Bath2006-12-3100:19:11
The Science of the Swerving Free KickKen BrayUniversity of Bath2007-10-1000:41:01
Clean Energy Materials: Crystal Gazing on the Atomic ScaleSaiful IslamUniversity of Bath2007-04-2500:52:53
Vortex flows: from insects to aircraftIsmet GursulUniversity of Bath2007-01-3100:46:53
Evolution as a Tool Kit for Understanding Human DiseaseHarvey LodishMuseum of Science2007-03-1301:04:52
Biotechnology in the 21st CenturyMalcolm DandoBerkeley2007-04-1801:20:20
Wired to be Good: What the new science of social intelligence tells us about human goodnessDacher KeltnerBerkeley2007-07-1000:59:35
Synthetic Biology: From Bugs to Drugs and FuelsJay KeaslingBerkeley2007-04-2100:40:26
Parkfield 2004: Lessons from the Best-Recorded Earthquake in HistoryAndy MichaelBerkeley2007-04-2401:15:30
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthColin McGinnNYAS2006-01-1301:39:42
Ethics in the Age of NeuroscienceMichael GazzanigaNYAS2005-10-0500:58:21
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthChristian de DuveNYAS2006-01-1301:39:42
Don't Be Bamboozled by Voodoo ScienceBob ParkNYAS2005-11-2101:04:46
Bright Lights in the CityOliver SacksNYAS2005-12-2300:20:13
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthMark NorellNYAS2006-01-1301:39:42
A Slippery Slope: Facts, Ethics, and Policy Guiding Neuroscience TodayHank GreelyNYAS2005-11-0100:51:41
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthJames FerrisNYAS2006-01-1301:39:42
How Trauma Changes UsSandro GaleaNYAS2005-12-0200:27:52
That Dress Sounds Great on YouAlyce SantoroNYAS2006-01-1300:22:54
Ethics in the Age of NeuroscienceTom WolfeNYAS2005-10-0500:58:21
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthRobert PollackNYAS2006-01-1301:39:42
A Slippery Slope: Facts, Ethics, and Policy Guiding Neuroscience TodayMichael GazzanigaNYAS2005-11-0100:51:41
How Trauma Changes UsMarian FontanaNYAS2005-12-0200:27:52
We Are Not the First to Suffer Through Climate ChangeBrian FaganLong Now Foundation2007-04-2701:19:02
Science and PseudoscienceImre LakatosLondon School of Economics197300:18:56
A Hundred Years of Relativity: what remains controversial for the philosopher?Harvey BrownLondon School of Economics2007-04-1800:59:00
Inventing TemperatureHasok ChangLondon School of Economics2007-04-1801:04:00
The Hydrogen Economy: preparing the world for a new energy era and the third industrial revolutionJeremy RifkinLondon School of Economics2007-05-0801:26:00
The Knowledge Web (Part 2 of 2)James BurkeSmithsonian1999-06-2800:25:50
The Knowledge Web (Part 1 of 2)James BurkeSmithsonian1999-06-2800:24:00
The Transmission of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and Influenza: Lessons from the Past and How We Should Be Preparing for the FutureMarc LipsitchLibrary of Congress2005-02-0700:55:00
Singularity or Dark Age?Cory DoctorowSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:19:10
The Origin of LifeJohn Maynard SmithSussex University199500:58:59
The Future of Science in the 21st CenturyHarold VarmusAmherst2007-04-1600:49:25
Does the everyday world really obey quantum mechanics?Anthony LeggettU of Sydney2005-07-2501:19:56
Cowboy Cloners: The Ethics & Morality Of Scientific CommunitiesPeter GlasnerANU2006-09-20
The Next Fifty Years of ScienceKevin KellyGoogle2006-05-0900:47:53
Nature RevealedEdward O. WilsonMuseum of Natural History2006-06-3000:53:17
Biodiversity and the Evolutionary Roots of BeautyGordon OrlansMuseum of Natural History2006-06-1600:51:20
Neanderthal BrainsBruce LahnMuseum of Natural History2007-02-2300:20:16
Ethical Issues Raised by SciencePete MooreFaraday Institute2006-09-23
Science and the dating of the Easter week eventsColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2007-03-13
Truth Telling in the Practice of ScienceDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-07-25
Is Destiny beyond Death Credible?John PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-11-09
Astronomy and the date of the CrucifixionColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-11-08
Theologies of NatureErnan McMullinFaraday Institute2006-07-25
Science and Religion on the RadioMartin RedfernFaraday Institute2006-09-23
Ethical Issues in the Public MindPete MooreFaraday Institute2006-09-24
Science and the question of miraclesColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2007-01-07
Creation, Evil and TimeJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-07-28
Interpreting Genesis 1-11Gordon WenhamFaraday Institute2006-11-08
Science and Religion in the Public DomainRoger TriggFaraday Institute2006-10-17
Science, Faith and the Moral MazeDavid CookFaraday Institute2006-09-23
How Does Parliament Handle the Ethical Issues Raised by Scientific Advances?John GummerFaraday Institute2006-09-22
Ethical Issues in Public PolicyDerek BurkeFaraday Institute2006-09-24
A Scientific Theology? Parallels and Convergences in Science and ReligionAlister McGrathFaraday Institute2007-01-06
Natural TheologyJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-07-26
Science and MiraclesColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-07-20
Science and Religion in Science JournalismMichael BrooksFaraday Institute2006-09-23
The Historical Background to the Science-Religion DebateDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-07-20
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 2John Hedley BrookeFaraday Institute2007-01-06
Has Science Eliminated God? Richard Dawkins and the meaning of life.Alister McGrathFaraday Institute2004-11-04
Science and the hiddenness of GodWilson PoonFaraday Institute2007-02-13
Myths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical PerspectiveRonald NumbersFaraday Institute2006-05-11
Demythologising the Historical 'Conflict' between Geology and GenesisMartin RudwickFaraday Institute2006-11-14
The Rationality of ScienceRoger TriggFaraday Institute2006-07-25
An Eastern Perspective on Science, Religion and EvilSubrata ChattopadhyayFaraday Institute2006-07-28
The Florentine Heretic? Galileo, the Church, and the CosmosDavid LindbergFaraday Institute2006-07-24
Explanation in Science and ReligionPhilip ClaytonFaraday Institute2006-07-20
A Life in ScienceBrian HeapFaraday Institute2006-07-17
Science and the Question of MiraclesColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-04-09
The Bible, the Creation and the Inner Light: Tensions within Quaker ScienceGeoffrey CantorFaraday Institute2006-05-16
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 1John Hedley BrookeFaraday Institute2007-01-05
Does Religious Belief Need Justification?Roger TriggFaraday Institute2006-07-25
Models for Relating Science and ReligionJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2007-01-06
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 2Colin RussellFaraday Institute2006-04-08
The Role of the Bible in the Emergence of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2006-07-24
The Idea of Law in Science and ReligionLydia JaegerFaraday Institute2006-07-20
Models for Relating Science and ReligionMikael StenmarkFaraday Institute2006-07-26
The Mediaeval Church Encounters the Classical Tradition: St Augustine and Roger BaconDavid LindbergFaraday Institute2006-07-24
Concepts of Emergence in Science and ReligionPhilip ClaytonFaraday Institute2006-02-14
Models for Relating Science and FaithJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-04-08
Transcending Dawkins' God: Renewing the Interface between Science and FaithDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2007-03-30
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 1Colin RussellFaraday Institute2006-04-07
William Carey and the Serampore College: Science and Religion in 19th Century IndiaSujit SivasundaramFaraday Institute2006-11-28
The Fallacy of Scientism as a WorldviewMikael StenmarkFaraday Institute2006-07-25
Science and Religion: An OverviewJohn BryantFaraday Institute2006-11-07
Science and Faith in the Life of Michael FaradayColin RussellFaraday Institute2006-02-28
The Religious Origins of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2006-07-24
EmergencePhilip ClaytonFaraday Institute2006-07-20
Science and Religion: Belief or Commitment?Peter LiptonFaraday Institute2006-06-13
Climate ChangeElizabeth KolbertSeattle Town Hall2006-03-2300:45:23
Robert Klein: A Conversation on Stem Cell ResearchRobert KleinBerkeley2006-02-0801:21:26
California's Stem Cell Initiative Conference - Confronting the Legal and Policy ChangesMichael ShelanskiBerkeley2006-03-0201:24:31
The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate ChangeDimitri ZenghelisBerkeley2006-11-2801:35:24
California's Stem Cell Initiative Conference - Confronting the Legal and Policy ChangesPilar OssorioBerkeley2006-03-0201:24:31
New Queries (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 4 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:33:22
Electrons and their Interactions (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 3 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:40:21
Fits of Reflection and Transmission - Quantum Behavior (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 2 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:38:51
Photons - Corpuscles of Light (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 1 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:17:57
How societies choose to fail or surviveJared DiamondRoyal Society
The roots of the 'Royal' and the Scottish connectionJohn GribbinRoyal Society
Science and globalisationAlistair DarlingRoyal Society
Wild ReckoningsSiân EdeRoyal Society2004-10-05
Perception, deception and realityDavid AttenboroughRoyal Society2004-01-28
Why Does a Ball Bounce?: A Scientific EyeAdam Hart-DavisUniversity of Bath2006-03-0800:50:04
A Path to a Far Mountain: Stem Cell Culture & Tissue EngineeringJulian ChaudhuriUniversity of Bath2006-01-0300:56:05
A Short History of Nearly EverythingBill BrysonRoyal Society2005-03-1000:32:20
There's Plenty of Room at the Top: Long-term Thinking About Large-scale ComputingGeorge DysonLong Now Foundation2004-01-0901:30:09
Creative Mind: The Theoretical Scientist as CreatorHarlow Shapley?195000:00:00
Robert Hooke: The Man Who Measured LondonLisa JardineAthenaeum2004-03-0901:17:40
Nanotechnology: Grey goo or great God?Andrew BriggsFaraday Institute2005-03-1000:47:15
Science & the Bible: are they incompatible? The creation story as a test caseErnest LucasFaraday Institute2004-05-1300:56:51
Power & Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st centuryJonathan SacksFaraday Institute2003-11-2500:51:45
Three Wishes to Change the WorldLarry BrilliantTED2006-02-0100:00:00