available lectures (total: 24)
The Wonderful World of PunditryLeonard Pitts Jr.Georgia Perimeter College2005-03-1801:11:25
Morality and Media in the 21st Century - a panel in celebration of the work of Professor Roger SilverstoneCharlie Beckett, Daniel Dayan, Richard Sambrook, Robin Mansell, Stan Cohen, Lilie ChouliarakiLondon School of Economics2006-10-1601:28:00
Development Governance and the Media: the role of the media in building African societyJames Deane, Mark Wilson, Gerald Milward-OliverLondon School of Economics2007-06-2701:37:00
Does a Journalist Change the World or Does the World Change the Journalist?Mona EltahawyAmerican U in Cairo2006-11-0600:42:45
Interpreting Islam: Politics, the Media and the AcademyCarl W. ErnstArizona State2006-12-3100:55:00
Can Newspaper Journalism Survive Blogs, Fox News and Karl Rove?David WesselYale2006-04-1800:38:00
The National Digital Preservation Program: Challenges and SolutionsLaura CampbellLibrary of Congress2003-03-2100:47:00
Universal Access to All KnowledgeBrewster KahleLibrary of Congress2004-12-1301:28:00
Singularity or Dark Age?Cory DoctorowSingularity Institute2006-05-1300:19:10
Setting the Agenda? The New York Times and America's View of the WorldHowell Raines, Arthur Sulzberger Jr.Berkeley2002-11-1801:20:01
Selling Out the First Amendment: The Collision of News, Entertainment and PoliticsJohn CarrolBerkeley2004-02-2001:05:16
Dan Rather: Is the Media Failing in America?Dan RatherBerkeley2006-04-2501:38:38
Can Newspapers Survive and Serve the Public InterestAlan RusbridgerBerkeley2006-03-0601:23:13
We the MediaDan GillmorComputer History Museum2004-05-20
Fulbright Chair Speaker SeriesFred von LohmannCenter on Public Diplomacy200600:00:00
Rip, Mix, Burn, Sue: Technology, Politics, and the Fight to Control Digital MediaEdward FeltenPrinceton2004-10-1201:16:58
TV News in TransitionJuju ChangMIT2006-04-0601:59:03
Why Newspapers MatterPablo J. BoczkowskiMIT2006-10-0501:53:32
The Emergence of Citizenís MediaEllen FoleyMIT2006-09-1901:56:54
TV News in TransitionNeal ShapiroMIT2006-04-0601:59:03
Why Newspapers MatterJerome ArmstrongMIT2006-10-0501:53:32
The Emergence of Citizenís MediaDan GillmorMIT2006-09-1901:56:54
Why Newspapers MatterDante ChinniMIT2006-10-0501:53:32
The Emergence of Citizenís MediaAlex BeamMIT2006-09-1901:56:54