available lectures (total: 22)
Observing the Birth of the UniverseLyman PagePrinceton2007-12-0401:15:10
Planetary Perils in PragueOwen GingerichMuseum of Science2007-04-0401:02:18
New Horizons Mission to PlutoRichard BinzelMuseum of Science2007-04-1800:58:15
Pluto and the Outer Solar SystemMichael BrownMuseum of Science2007-04-1101:15:25
Comparing Worlds: Climate Catastrophes in the Solar SystemDavid GrinspoonAstronomical Society2007-04-1101:37:43
Rocks, Water but no Life?Philippe BlondelUniversity of Bath2007-07-3100:55:49
Our Special Planet: A Cradle for LifePeter D. WardMuseum of Science2002-10-2301:14:24
The Search for New EarthsWesley A. TraubHarvard2002-10-1601:10:19
Life on Our Home Turf: Scanning the Solar SystemUrsula B. MarvinMuseum of Science2002-10-0901:08:26
Death by Black HoleNeil deGrasse TysonMuseum of Natural History2007-04-1601:20:03
A Scientist in Space/Searching for Earth-like Planets: NASA's Kepler MissionJanice VossAstronomical Society2007-03-0701:16:31
Glimpsing the Edge of the Universe: Results from the Hubble Space TelescopeBruce MargonAstronomical Society2007-01-2401:44:58
The Planet Pluto: Maligned but Not ForgottenDale CruikshankAstronomical Society2006-11-0801:28:59
Dark Energy and the Runaway UniverseAlex FilippenkoAstronomical Society2006-11-0401:48:12
Estimating the Chances of Life Out ThereFrank DrakeAstronomical Society2005-04-2001:14:05
Carolyn Porco @ Pop!Tech 2006Carolyn PorcoPop!Tech200600:42:45
Formation and Evolution of Extrasolar Planetary SystemsDebra FischerHarvard200600:58:00
Astronomy and the date of the CrucifixionColin HumphreysFaraday Institute2006-11-08
An Ecologist in Space: The Earth from 240 Miles UpPiers SellersBerkeley2003-12-0801:10:04
Astronomy and poetryJocelyn Bell BurnellUniversity of Bath2006-10-1800:53:43
Enigmatic Gamma-Ray Bursts: Birth Cries of Black HolesAlex FilippenkoPrinceton2005-02-2401:24:29
Creative Mind: The Theoretical Scientist as CreatorHarlow Shapley?195000:00:00