available lectures (total: 39)
The Coming Revolutions in Fundamental PhysicsDavid GrossBerkeley2007-10-1901:38:10
The Science of the Swerving Free KickKen BrayUniversity of Bath2007-10-1000:41:01
Einstein: His Life and UniverseWalter IsaacsonAtlanta History Center2007-04-1800:58:56
From the Big Bang to the Nobel PrizeJohn MatherU of Virginia2007-03-2200:54:34
Does the everyday world really obey quantum mechanics?Anthony LeggettU of Sydney2005-07-2501:19:56
The Universe in a Trinitarian PerspectiveJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-11-09
A Critique of MultiversesGeorge F R EllisFaraday Institute2006-07-17
Religion and the Anthropic PrincipleJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2006-04-08
A history of cosmologies and their religious contextsSimon MittonFaraday Institute2007-01-30
Is the Universe Designed?Rodney HolderFaraday Institute2006-07-17
God and the Big BangKatherine BlundellFaraday Institute2006-07-17
The Impact of einstein's Relativity on Christian ThoughtJohn PilbrowFaraday Institute2007-03-31
God of AntimatterGerald GabrielseFaraday Institute2006-03-0200:53:43
The Anthropic PrincipleJohn PolkinghorneFaraday Institute2007-01-07
The Search for Extra-Terrestrial LifeRodney HolderFaraday Institute2006-07-17
Physics and the Real WorldGeorge F R EllisFaraday Institute2006-07-17
Complexity, emergence and GodBarbara DrosselFaraday Institute2007-02-27
New Queries (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 4 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:33:22
Electrons and their Interactions (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 3 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:40:21
Fits of Reflection and Transmission - Quantum Behavior (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 2 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:38:51
Photons - Corpuscles of Light (The Douglas Robb Memorial Lectures: Part 1 of 4)Richard FeynmanU of Auckland197901:17:57
Optical science in the fast laneWilson SibbettRoyal Society
The human exploration of MarsDavid ScottRoyal Society2004-05-05
Cosmic AfricaThebe MedupeRoyal Society
Science, complexity and the nature of existenceGeorge EllisRoyal Society2004-12-09
The future of the world wide webTim Berners-LeeRoyal Society2003-09-22
Beagle 2 the next generationColin PillingerRoyal Society
Continuing the voyages of the EndeavourMike GriffinRoyal Society
The mesoscopic worldAthene DonaldRoyal Society
What is quantum non-locality?Sandy PopescuRoyal Society2004-10-13
Electronics for the 21st centuryRichard FriendRoyal Society
The quandary of the quarkChristine DaviesRoyal Society
Einstein's Biggest Blunder: A Cosmic Mystery StoryLawrence M. KraussPrinceton2003-04-2201:24:49
Quest For UnificationEdward WittenPrinceton2001-04-2401:15:11
The Disappearance of Anti-matter Following the Big BangStewart SmithPrinceton2002-03-0701:11:46
Gravity, Black Holes, and StringsJuan M. MaldacenaPrinceton2000-10-1501:21:41
Fashion, Faith and Fantasy in the New Physics of the Universe, Lecture 1: FASHIONRoger PenrosePrinceton2003-10-1701:26:27
30th Hamilton Lecture: The Future of PhysicsDavid J. GrossPrinceton2005-04-2901:50:16
Quantum Computing: Origins and DirectionsDavid P. DiVincenzoMIT2006-10-27