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Craig Venter @ Pop!Tech 2006Craig VenterPop!Tech200600:23:01
Bob Freling @ Pop!Tech 2006Bob FrelingPop!Tech200600:23:53
In Service to Society: Energy & HealthJay Keasling Dan KammenBerkeley2007-10-1300:00:00
ZOOM: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the FutureVijay VaitheeswaranGoogle2007-11-1500:55:03
Energy, Global Change, and International CooperationJay E. HakesJimmy Carter Library2007-06-0500:48:41
Power to Save the WorldGwyneth Cravens, Rip AndersonLong Now Foundation2007-09-1401:44:36
Sustainable Energy brings Power to the People Matthew DavidsonUniversity of Bath2007-09-0300:37:03
Clean Energy Materials: Crystal Gazing on the Atomic ScaleSaiful IslamUniversity of Bath2007-04-2500:52:53
AltWheels: Overview of Transportation ChoicesStephen ConnorsMuseum of Science2006-09-1700:25:03
Models of Sustainable Transportation Across the GlobeKen Kruckemeyer, Steve Jones-D'Agostino, Scott Griffith, Dick Lawrence, Ric FulopMuseum of Science2006-09-1601:25:32
Energy Crisis: Resource Scarcity Oil Wars and Climate ChangeGeorge Soros, Yahia Said, Nicholas Stern, Mary KaldorLondon School of Economics2007-07-0401:25:00
Fission is the New FireRod AdamsGoogle2007-04-1601:14:12
Fusion Energy & The Iter Project: The Next Step To A Sustainable FutureBarry GreenANU2006-08-10
Thomas Friedman @ Pop!Tech 2006Thomas FriedmanPop!Tech200600:18:54
Lester Brown @ Pop!TechLester BrownPop!Tech2006-12-3100:23:24
Post-Oil FutureJames Howard KunstlerSeattle Town Hall2006-12-3101:36:15
Globalism: Report from the Front Lines of Oil and Global WarmingBen NamakinBerkeley2006-10-1200:52:30
Nuclear Power, Climate Change and the Next 10,000 YearsRalph Cavanagh, Peter SchwartzLong Now Foundation2006-01-13
National Security Consequences of U.S. Oil DependencyJames R. Schlesinger, John DeutchCouncil on Foreign Relations2006-12-1800:00:00
The energy problem: our current choices and future hopesSteven ChuPrinceton2006-03-3001:30:09
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureYang Shao-HornMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Energy for a Rapidly Evolving WorldRonald G. PrinnMIT2006-05-0301:59:48
Improving Today's Energy SystemsRobert D. van der HilstMIT2006-05-0301:27:31
The Challenge: Meeting Global Energy Demands SustainablyKerry EmanuelMIT2006-10-18
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureJeffrey P. FreidbergMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Improving Today's Energy SystemsWilliam H. Green,Jr., Stephen AnsolabehereMIT2006-05-0301:27:31
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureYet-Ming ChiangMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Energy for a Rapidly Evolving WorldAmy SmithMIT2006-05-0301:59:48
Our Energy Future: Why American Science and Engineering Must Lead the WaySamuel W. BodmanMIT2006-05-0900:59:18
Energy for a Rapidly Evolving WorldHenry D. JacobyMIT2006-05-0301:59:48
Improving Today's Energy SystemsAhmed F. GhoniemMIT2006-05-0301:27:31
Overview of the Energy Research ReportErnest J. MonizMIT2006-05-0300:53:36
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureGang ChenMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Energy for a Rapidly Evolving WorldLeon R. GlicksmanMIT2006-05-0301:59:48
Improving Today's Energy SystemsPaul L. JoskowMIT2006-05-0301:27:31
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureEmanuel M. SachsMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Energy for a Rapidly Evolving WorldKaren R. PolenskeMIT2006-05-0301:59:48
The Challenge: Meeting Global Energy Demands SustainablyErnest J. MonizMIT2006-10-18
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureRafael ReifMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Improving Today's Energy SystemsMujid S. KazimiMIT2006-05-0301:27:31
Overview of the Energy Research ReportSusan HockfieldMIT2006-05-0300:53:36
Science and Technology for a Clean Energy FutureGregory StephanopoulosMIT2006-05-0301:32:08
Energy for a Rapidly Evolving WorldJohn B. HeywoodMIT2006-05-0301:59:48
The Role of New Technologies in a Sustainable Energy EconomyDaniel Nocera, Angela BelcherMIT2006-10-25
Biofuels: Think Outside The BarrelVinod KhoslaGoogle2006-03-2601:08:42