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Importing Legal IdeasMary Ann GlendonPrinceton2007-11-1901:27:59
The Struggle for Freedom and Justice in South AfricaMargaret Marshall, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Desmond Tutu, Richard GoldstoneJFK Library2007-10-3001:29:05
Re-Writing the History of the Constitution: from the miraculous to the politicalCarol BerkinLondon School of Economics2007-11-2701:12:00
The Role of Inter-governmental, State and Non-governmental Players in Conflict ResolutionMartti AhtisaariLondon School of Economics2007-10-2901:22:00
Are Solicitors' Lives Necessarily Boring?Stephen CretneyLondon School of Economics2007-10-2400:42:00
Panel Discussion on Judicial BiographyNeil Duxbury, Nicola Lacey, Lisa Jardine, Geoffrey LewisLondon School of Economics2007-10-1701:06:00
The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme CourtJeffrey ToobinGoogle2007-10-0400:56:47
Can the Judges Themselves Violate the Constitution--and Other Matters: A ConversationJohn Mercer Walker, Jr.Amherst2007-09-2900:55:26
War, Crime, Terror, Law: The Post-9/11 ConstitutionKathleen M. SullivanBerkeley2007-04-1201:25:59
Is the 'Rule of Law' Good for Cities?Gerald FrugLondon School of Economics2007-06-0501:14:00
Is the Commander-in-Chief Subject to the Rule of Law?: On Torture, Spying, and Detention in the War on TerrorDavid ColeU of Chicago200600:46:34
Vanishing Points: Law, Violence and Exception in the Global War PrisonDerek GregoryU of Washington2006-10-2500:54:41
Bugged MindsPeter DonnellyTED2005-0700:17:29
Lawrence v. Texas: The Worst Supreme Court Opinion in History?Nelson LundPrinceton2005-02-0701:29:02