available lectures (total: 27)
Levinas and Freud: Talmud and Psychoanalysis Before the LetterEthan KleinbergCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:26:07
"Prayer Book of Cultured People Everywhere". Freud, Karl Kraus and The Neue Freie PresseLeo LensingCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:23:46
Antisemitism in Freud's Case HistoriesHarold BlumCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0301:06:43
Akhenaten, His Fathers and FreudFlorence FriedmanCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:22:25
Hidden in plain Sight: Freud's Jewish Identity RevisitedJill SalbergCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:47:48
Leaving this World with Dignity: Psychoanalytic Considerations on Suicide in the Life and Work of Sigmund FreudBenigna GerishCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:31:07
A Talking Cure for Assimilation? Siegfried Bernfeld and the Politics of Jewish Orphan Care in ViennaSharon GillermanCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:25:12
Freud's Theory of Jewishness: For Better and For WorseEliza SlavetCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:22:39
Freud's Women, Patients, Colleagues and ConfidantsInge Sholz StrasserCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:30:26
Ariadne's ThreadLiliana WeissbergCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:26:46
Moses and Viennese Jewish ModernismAbigail GillmanCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:28:33
Freud the Final Decade: Freud, Fundamentalism, and the FutureMark EdmundsonCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:38:40
Marooned Mandarins: Freud, Classical Education and the Jews of ViennaRichard ArmstrongCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:28:52
Jacob's Ambivalent LegacyJoel WhitebookCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:30:51
Freud's Nose Job: Jewish Bodies and the Turn-of-the Century Anxiety about VisibilitySander GilmanCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:57:00
Assimilation and Affirmation: The Jews in Freud's ViennaMarsha RozenblitCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:36:12
Freud's Michelangelo: The Sculptural Meditations of a Hellenized JewMary BergsteinCenter for Jewish History2006-12-0300:32:37
The Future of Islam in the WestKaren ArmstrongAmerican U in Cairo2005-12-1200:49:35
Israel and the JewsDan Cohn-SherbokBritish Museum2006-06-1000:46:37
Gnostic themes in the Abrahamic family of religionsMalise RuthvenBritish Museum2006-06-1000:44:39
Maimonides (Part 5: The Words of the Living God)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:54:03
Maimonides (Part 4: The Account of the Chariot)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:56:08
Maimonides (Part 3: The Works of Man)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:56:27
Maimonides (Part 2: The Act of Creation)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:53:20
Maimonides (Part 1: The Language of Man)Lenn E. GoodmanVanderbilt U200300:57:08
The Rise of Modern Racism(s): White Supremacy and AntisemitismGeorge FredricksonPrinceton2000-04-26
Power & Responsibility: Science, Humanity and Religion in the 21st centuryJonathan SacksFaraday Institute2003-11-2500:51:45