available lectures (total: 20)
Structural Plasticity in the Adult BrainElizabeth GouldPrinceton2007-04-2501:16:04
Louann Brizendine @ Pop!Tech 2007Louann BrizendinePop!Tech200700:19:16
The Aging Brain: An OverviewAlan B. GrindalAcademy of Lifelong Learning2006-12-3100:00:00
Wellness and the Aging BrianKevin O'NeilAcademy of Lifelong Learning2008-02-1500:00:00
Advances in Alzheimer Disease ResearchHuntington PotterAcademy of Lifelong Learning2008-02-1500:00:00
Oliver Sacks: MusicophiliaOliver SacksCambridge Forum2007-11-0501:25:32
The Stuff of ThoughtSteven PinkerGoogle2007-09-2401:15:04
Emotion, Feeling, and Social Behavior: The Brain PerspectiveAntonio DamasioU of Washington2003-07-16
Reith Lectures 2003: 5 - Neuroscience - the New PhilosophyVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:30:08
Reith Lectures 2003: 4 - Purple Numbers and Sharp CheeseVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:30:49
Reith Lectures 2003: 3 - The Artful BrainVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:27:32
Reith Lectures 2003: 2 - Synapses and the SelfVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:28:00
Reith Lectures 2003: 1 - Phantoms in the BrainVilayanur S. RamachandranBBC200300:31:44
Reconciling Neuropsychology and TheologyWarren BrownFaraday Institute2006-07-18
Faith in an Age of Science: The Challenge of the NeurosciencesBill NewsomeFaraday Institute2006-11-09
Does Biological Enhancement of the Brain Affect our Status as Images of God?Gareth JonesFaraday Institute2006-07-19
Brains and PersonsStuart JudgeFaraday Institute2006-07-19
Genetics, plasticity and personhood: the Brain in the 21st CenturyGareth JonesFaraday Institute2006-07-19
Brains and MachinesPeter ClarkeFaraday Institute2006-07-19
Personal Identity, Neuroethics and the Human BrainMichael S. GazzanigaPrinceton2005-04-1401:07:08