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The Economics of Climate Change: Risk, Ethics, and a Global DealNicholas SternPrinceton2008-01-0701:24:46
Lowering our carbon footprintGeoff HammondUniversity of Bath2007-10-2400:51:50
Brian Fagan @ Pop!Tech 2004Brian FaganPop!Tech200400:28:12
Richard Alley @ Pop!Tech 2004Richard AlleyPop!Tech200400:27:36
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 LectureR. K. PachauriNobel Prize2007-12-1000:23:00
The Nobel Peace Prize 2007 LectureAl GoreNobel Prize2007-12-1000:22:00
Cash In - Carbon OutAbyd Karmali, Ralf Martin, Jan-Peter Onstwedder, Sam Frankhauser, Michael Mainelli, Martin WolfLondon School of Economics2007-10-1801:40:00
The Economics of Climate ChangeNicholas SternBerkeley2007-03-3001:21:37
Global Warming: A Time to Act (Cap & Trade Conference)Dianne FeinsteinBerkeley2007-02-2300:52:30
We Are Not the First to Suffer Through Climate ChangeBrian FaganLong Now Foundation2007-04-2701:19:02
Global Warming and the Political Economy of CitiesSaskia SassenLondon School of Economics2007-06-1101:25:00
Energy Crisis: Resource Scarcity Oil Wars and Climate ChangeMary Kaldor, George Soros, Yahia Said, Nicholas SternLondon School of Economics2007-07-0401:25:00
An Architecture For International Cooperation On Climate ChangeWarwick McKibbinANU2006-10-12
Global Warming's Impact on Wine Growing Regions WorldwideGreg JonesTaste32006-0700:24:41
Climate ChangeElizabeth KolbertSeattle Town Hall2006-03-2300:45:23
Global Climate ChangeAl GoreBerkeley2004-11-1500:47:08
Globalism: Report from the Front Lines of Oil and Global WarmingBen NamakinBerkeley2006-10-1200:52:30
Nuclear Power, Climate Change and the Next 10,000 YearsPeter Schwartz, Ralph CavanaghLong Now Foundation2006-01-13