available lectures (total: 128)
Visual Space/Ritual Space and the Agency of the Greek PriestessJoan Breton ConnellyPrinceton2007-02-0801:09:08
Assessing Presidential LegaciesAlvin FelzenbergPrinceton2007-03-2901:17:38
Baptized in Blood: Moral Reflections on the American Civil WarHarry S. StoutPrinceton2007-04-1901:15:47
The American Founding and the Culture Wars (In Celebration of Constitution Day)Alan R. GibsonPrinceton2007-09-1801:27:33
The Great Debate: The Federalist Response to the Anti-Federalist ChallengeThomas L. PanglePrinceton2007-10-0401:35:43
The Rise and Fall of Italian Jewry From 1839-1939 and the Revival of Italian Judaism in Italy and IsraelDan Vittorio SegrePrinceton2007-10-0801:16:41
Revisiting President John F. Kennedy and the 1960sJames PieresonPrinceton2007-10-1701:47:25
Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founding Fathers DifferentGordon S. WoodPrinceton2007-10-2001:26:22
Lives for our Times: Biography and Global HistoryLinda ColleyPrinceton2007-12-1101:27:48
American Presidential Elections: The Historical PerspectiveDavid MayhewAmherst2008-02-2601:17:16
US-UK: Still a special relationship?Shirley WilliamsBerkeley2007-10-0300:31:47
The Rise of Manchu Power in Northeast Asia (c. 1600-1636): local and global dimensionsNicola Di CosmoBerkeley2007-10-1202:07:20
South America : Untold StoriesPanel DiscussionBerkeley2007-10-2400:00:00
God and Gold: Britain, America and the Making of the Modern WorldWalter Russel MeadBerkeley2007-10-2301:08:29
The Struggle for Freedom and Justice in South AfricaRichard Goldstone, Margaret Marshall, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Desmond TutuJFK Library2007-10-3001:29:05
The Library of AlexandriaAndrew G. JamesonAthenaeum2007-10-2301:03:58
The Defence of the Realm in the 21st Century (The Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2006)Mike JacksonBBC2006-12-0600:44:57
Russia after Putin: revisionism or reform, isolation or integrationRoderic LyneLondon School of Economics2007-11-2701:02:00
Is Democracy in Crisis? Lessons from the Greek ExperienceCostas SimitisLondon School of Economics2007-10-2301:30:00
Utopian Hope and Apocalyptic ReligionJohn GrayLondon School of Economics2007-10-1801:11:00
Macedonia - tests passed and the challenges aheadoski, Antonio MilošLondon School of Economics2007-10-1800:55:00
Panel Discussion on Judicial BiographyNeil Duxbury, Nicola Lacey, Lisa Jardine, Geoffrey LewisLondon School of Economics2007-10-1701:06:00
The Ukrainian Elections 2007: whatever happened to the Orange Revolution?Gwendolyn Sasse, Andrew WilsonLondon School of Economics2007-10-1601:00:00
The West and China: Divergence and ConvergenceNiall FergusonCambridge Forum2007-10-1001:05:52
Throwing Fire: Projectile Technology Through HistoryAlfred W. CrosbyWGBH Lectures2007-08-2300:36:40
Lessons from Sputnik: Shaping Science EducationFrank Baumgartner, Tina Grotzer, Rebecca Miller, John Rudolph, Brent MaddinHarvard2007-10-0401:08:28
Nixon & Kissinger: Partners in PowerRobert DallekAtlanta History Center2007-06-2001:09:35
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Paul Revere's RideCharles BahneOld South Meeting House2007-09-1900:58:53
Marco Polo: Silk Road to ChinaLarry BergreenCambridge Forum2007-10-2401:00:55
The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme CourtJeffrey ToobinGoogle2007-10-0400:56:47
Issues in Foreign Policy: Changes in World PowerLord Rees-MoggUniversity of Bath2007-02-2300:57:14
Religion and conflict in Northern IrelandDuncan MorrowUniversity of Bath2007-02-0801:28:32
Callie House: My Face is Black is TrueMary Frances BerryCenter for New Words2005-09-1400:50:07
Jamestown vs. Plymouth: America's Historical AmnesiaWalter W. Woodward, Karen Ordahl KuppermanOld South Meeting House2007-05-1400:53:32
Sacco and Vanzetti: The Judgment of MankindBruce WatsonWGBH @ Boston Library2007-08-2100:41:15
Ancient Olympics: Gods and AthletesDonald KyleMuseum of Fine Arts2004-03-2100:47:31
Seamanship: Voyage Along the Coasts of the British IslesAdam NicolsonAthenaeum2005-05-1900:51:00
Are We Rome?: Fall of an Empire, Fate of AmericaCullen MurphyAthenaeum2007-05-2201:02:22
Einstein: His Life and UniverseWalter IsaacsonAtlanta History Center2007-04-1800:58:56
Bright Lights in the CityOliver SacksNYAS2005-12-2300:20:13
"The End of History" RevisitedFrancis FukuyamaLong Now Foundation2007-07-2801:12:39
The Long ZoomSteven JohnsonLong Now Foundation2007-05-1101:26:10
Collapse of the Soviet empire - reflections from an insiderAndrei GrachevLondon School of Economics2006-11-0901:25:00
Bush in Winter: Democracy, the Elections, and Bush's Iraq WarMark DannerAmerican U in Cairo2006-12-0500:57:56
The Future of Islam in the WestKaren ArmstrongAmerican U in Cairo2005-12-1200:49:35
Leopold Sedar Senghor: Thinker, Statesman, PoetSouleymane Bachir DiagneLibrary of Congress2006-11-0700:53:00
Timbuktu Manuscipts and the Efforts to Maintain the DesertAbdel Kader HaidaraLibrary of Congress2003-09-0301:43:00
End of the Cold WarJames GoldgeierLibrary of Congress2006-11-1500:41:00
Gen. Wesley Clark and Sadako Ogata : Refugee Crises of the 1990sSadako OgataLibrary of Congress2005-03-0800:42:00
Business in HistoryLouis GalambosLibrary of Congress2006-06-1400:37:00
Reflections on Armenia's Place in the Region and in the World Levon AvdoyanLibrary of Congress2002-04-2201:01:00
The King James Version of the Bible in American HistoryMark NollLibrary of Congress2006-04-2401:17:00
Reflections on Armenia's Place in the Region and in the World Mohammed Arkoun, Michael C. LemmonLibrary of Congress2002-04-2201:01:00
Gen. Wesley Clark and Sadako Ogata : Refugee Crises of the 1990sWesley ClarkLibrary of Congress2005-03-0800:42:00
Reflections on Armenia's Place in the Region and in the World Bernard LewisLibrary of Congress2002-04-2201:01:00
Lincoln's Other White House: the Untold Story of the Man and His PresidencyElizabeth Smith BrownsteinLibrary of Congress2006-02-0700:58:00
Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New WorldDavid Brion DavisYale2006-03-2300:52:00
Post-Emancipation African-American HistoryJonathan HollowayYale2007-03-0300:12:00
American Foreign Policy: Multilateralism or UnilateralismJohn GaddisYale2006-09-3001:15:00
Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy Against Global TerrorIan ShapiroYale2007-03-0100:14:00
American Foreign Policy: Multilateralism or UnilateralismErnesto ZedilloYale2006-09-3001:15:00
The Bush Administration: Its Past and FutureJohn GaddisYale2006-05-2601:15:00
The Golden Age of SpainMaria Rosa MenocalYale2006-05-0200:25:00
American Foreign Policy: Multilateralism or UnilateralismIan ShapiroYale2006-09-3001:15:00
Nation and Citizen in the Dominican Republic, 1880-1916Teresita Martinez-VergneLibrary of Congress2005-11-1800:19:00
Liz CarpenterLiz CarpenterLibrary of Congress2001-09-0800:28:00
The Art of Splendor: Islamic Luxury GoodsRosamond E. MackLibrary of Congress2004-04-1900:42:00
Intellectual Freedom 2002: Living the Chinese CurseJudith KrugLibrary of Congress2002-05-2300:59:00
China Rediscovers its Own HistoryYu Ying-shihLibrary of Congress2007-04-2401:49:00
Alanson B. Houghton: Ambassador of the New EraJeffrey MatthewsLibrary of Congress2006-01-2700:48:00
Building Democracy in AmericaStetson KennedyLibrary of Congress2005-05-2400:57:00
Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary HistoryJ.A. LemayLibrary of Congress2006-03-0901:03:00
At Day's Close: Night in Times PastRoger EkirchLibrary of Congress2005-06-2000:39:00
Cambridge: A Philosophical TraditionSimon BlackburnCambridge in America2005-11-1900:43:05
Righteous Uproar or Deafening Silence: Remembering the Abolition of the Slave Trade in America and BritainSimon SchamaAmherst2007-04-2501:01:38
A Consequential Aberration: George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy—and BeyondStrobe TalbottAmherst2007-04-1900:35:59
Is the world really shrinking?Doreen MasseyBBC200600:58:54
Why Foxes Are Better Forecasters Than HedgehogsPhilip TetlockLong Now Foundation2007-01-2601:13:07
Interpretations of Early Indian HistoryRomila ThaparU of Washington2005-05-25
Storytelling & History Writing: Which Came First?Valerio Massimo ManfrediANU2006-09-04
The Mother of All DemosDouglas EngelbartStanford1968-12-0901:14:37
The Creation of the Iraqi State: 1914 to 1974Charles TrippNational Archives2007-04-0400:44:34
The School of Baghdad: Leo Strauss & American EmpireAnne NortonU of Chicago2004-04-0101:34:28
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 1Colin RussellFaraday Institute2006-04-07
William Carey and the Serampore College: Science and Religion in 19th Century IndiaSujit SivasundaramFaraday Institute2006-11-28
Science and Faith in the Life of Michael FaradayColin RussellFaraday Institute2006-02-28
The Religious Origins of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2006-07-24
The Historical Background to the Science-Religion DebateDenis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-07-20
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 2John Hedley BrookeFaraday Institute2007-01-06
Myths and Truths in Science and Religion: A Historical PerspectiveRonald NumbersFaraday Institute2006-05-11
Demythologising the Historical 'Conflict' between Geology and GenesisMartin RudwickFaraday Institute2006-11-14
The Florentine Heretic? Galileo, the Church, and the CosmosDavid LindbergFaraday Institute2006-07-24
The Bible, the Creation and the Inner Light: Tensions within Quaker ScienceGeoffrey CantorFaraday Institute2006-05-16
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion - Part 1John Hedley BrookeFaraday Institute2007-01-05
Historical Interactions Between Science and Religion: Part 2Colin RussellFaraday Institute2006-04-08
The Role of the Bible in the Emergence of Modern SciencePeter HarrisonFaraday Institute2006-07-24
The Mediaeval Church Encounters the Classical Tradition: St Augustine and Roger BaconDavid LindbergFaraday Institute2006-07-24
History and Contemporary Politics in IndiaRomila ThaparBerkeley2002-12-1201:32:03
Taiwan: Advancing Peace and ProsperityMa Ying-jeouBerkeley2006-03-2400:49:11
First Genocide of the 21st Century: The Crisis Facing Women in DarfurNicholas KristofAmherst2006-10-0300:42:03
The Western Way of WarVictor Davis HansonAmherst2006-10-1300:32:42
Von Neuman's UniverseGeorge DysonETECH2005-03-1500:35:10
When Computers Were HumanDavid Alan GrierComputer History Museum2005-06-06
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 4 of 13: Constantine - Part 2Lars BrownworthAnders.com200600:17:33
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 11 of 13: IreneLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:23:29
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 8 of 13: Justinian - Part 2Lars BrownworthAnders.com200600:25:11
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 5 of 13: JulianLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:17:14
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 3 of 13: Constantine - Part 1Lars BrownworthAnders.com200600:16:52
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 10 of 13: HeracliusLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:25:59
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 1 of 13: IntroductionLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:13:55
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 7 of 13: Justinian - Part 1Lars BrownworthAnders.com200600:17:44
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 13 of 13: Basil IILars BrownworthAnders.com200600:31:19
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 12 of 13: BasilLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:22:32
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 2 of 13: DiocletianLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:19:34
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 9 of 13: Justinian - Part 3Lars BrownworthAnders.com200600:25:16
History of The Byzantine Empire Part 6 of 13: ZenoLars BrownworthAnders.com200600:17:14
There's Plenty of Room at the Top: Long-term Thinking About Large-scale ComputingGeorge DysonLong Now Foundation2004-01-0901:30:09
The Political History of North America from 25,000 BC to 12,000 ADRoger KennedyLong Now Foundation2005-02-25
China Thinks Long-term, But Can It Relearn to Act Long-term?Orville SchellLong Now Foundation2006-10-2201:28:53
America's Founding and FutureEric CohenPrinceton2004-03-2201:36:13
The Constitution: Past, Present and FutureRobert H. BorkPrinceton2002-10-2401:26:56
Real FederalismMichael GrevePrinceton2004-02-0901:24:07
Lawrence v. Texas: The Worst Supreme Court Opinion in History?Nelson LundPrinceton2005-02-0701:29:02
James Madison and the Spirit of RepublicanismColleen SheehanPrinceton2006-04-2601:22:17
Rewriting the Founding: Theodore Roosevelt as HistorianJean M. YarbroughPrinceton2006-11-1501:34:33
Robert Hooke: The Man Who Measured LondonLisa JardineAthenaeum2004-03-0901:17:40
The World Turned Upside Down: The Impact of the Return of India and China to their Historical Global WeightClyde V. Prestowitz,Jr.MIT2006-04-0401:30:49
Quantum Computing: Origins and DirectionsDavid P. DiVincenzoMIT2006-10-27