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The Rise of Manchu Power in Northeast Asia (c. 1600-1636): local and global dimensionsNicola Di CosmoBerkeley2007-10-1202:07:20
China’s Financial Markets: how they are emerging as a global forceHoward DaviesLondon School of Economics2007-10-2901:31:00
The West and China: Divergence and ConvergenceNiall FergusonCambridge Forum2007-10-1001:05:52
The West and China: Divergence and ConvergenceNiall FergusonCambridge Forum2007-10-1001:05:52
Marco Polo: Silk Road to ChinaLarry BergreenCambridge Forum2007-10-2401:00:55
Financial Reform in China: what next?Howard DaviesLondon School of Economics2006-10-1701:30:00
Which way China? Will the world's most populous country embrace sustainable development? Is Dongtan City - Shanghai's new eco-city - the model for saving our cities and sustainable urban development?Herbie GirardetLondon School of Economics2007-02-2101:30:00
The Ideological Context of U.S.-China RelationsLanxin XiangLibrary of Congress2004-06-1601:57:00
China Rediscovers its Own HistoryYu Ying-shihLibrary of Congress2007-04-2401:49:00
China's Return to Tradition: How to Interpret the New Forces Emerging in ChinaYu Ying-shihLibrary of Congress2007-04-2601:05:00
Jung Chang & Jon Halliday - Mao: The Unknown StoryJung ChangBerkeley2005-11-0701:18:08
Taiwan: Advancing Peace and ProsperityMa Ying-jeouBerkeley2006-03-2400:49:11
China Thinks Long-term, But Can It Relearn to Act Long-term?Orville SchellLong Now Foundation2006-10-2201:28:53
The World Turned Upside Down: The Impact of the Return of India and China to their Historical Global WeightClyde V. Prestowitz,Jr.MIT2006-04-0401:30:49
Bioneers 2000 KeynoteWilliam McDonoughBioneers2000-10-0100:45:07