available lectures (total: 23)
Insider's Briefing on the Pivotal Nation of PakistanMahmud Ali DurraniSouthern Center for Intl Studies2007-08-0600:14:53
Molasses: From the Slave Trade to the Great FloodAnthony SammarcoraOld South Meeting House2007-12-0600:39:11
Power to Save the WorldRip Anderson, Gwyneth CravensLong Now Foundation2007-09-1401:44:36
Culture Counts: Faith and Feeling in a World BesiegedRoger ScrutonAmherst2007-09-2901:06:36
Race, Wrongs and Remedies: Group Justice in the 21st CenturyAmy WaxAmherst2007-09-2901:29:29
Schmentoring: Mentoring Gone Askew--with Even Better ResultsEdward TennerAmherst2007-09-2800:58:39
Reith Lectures 2007: 5 - Global Politics in a Complex AgeJeffrey SachsBBC2007-05-0900:43:59
Reith Lectures 2007: 4 - Economic Solidarity for a Crowded PlanetJeffrey SachsBBC2007-05-0200:43:59
Reith Lectures 2007: 3 - The Great ConvergenceJeffrey SachsBBC2007-04-2500:43:59
Reith Lectures 2007: 2 - Survival in the AnthropoceneJeffrey SachsBBC2007-04-1800:42:59
Fingers Crossed: Fifty Years of Space ExplorationJohn ZarneckiBBC2006-12-3100:57:00
Is there an Artificial God?Douglas AdamsBiota.org1998-0901:11:10
A Gentle Introduction to Nanotechnology and NanoscienceMark A. RatnernanoHUB2006-02-1300:44:14
A Personal Quest for InformationVwani RoychowdhurynanoHUB2004-02-1900:59:36
The Meaning of Compassion in Everyday LifeDalai LamaRice University2007-05-0101:30:00
Tolerance and Universal ResponsibilityDalai LamaRice University2007-05-0101:30:00
Thinking About the Future: The Big PictureMurray Gell-MannBoston U2005-09-2701:27:20
Heretical Thoughts About Science and SocietyFreeman DysonBoston U2005-11-0101:26:40
My Claim is that Morality is Nothing Other Than the Advantage of the Stronger Party...Well, Why aren't you Applauding?Simon BlackburnNYU200501:17:15
Brian Eno @ Pop!Tech 2006Brian EnoPop!Tech200600:19:30
Why Foxes Are Better Forecasters Than HedgehogsPhilip TetlockLong Now Foundation2007-01-2601:13:07
Public Diplomacy Fall Speaker Series: Bruce SterlingBruce SterlingCenter on Public Diplomacy2006-09-2501:05:39
It's Every Monkey for ThemselvesVanessa WoodsANU2007-03-0700:37:16