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Betsy Wilson's Crystal Ball: New Directions for LibrariesBetsy WilsonBerkeley2007-10-1601:28:57
The Library of AlexandriaAndrew G. JamesonAthenaeum2007-10-2301:03:58
Libraries and the Organization of KnowledgeClarissa Hunnewell, Michael Gorman, Terry BelangerAthenaeum2007-05-1701:14:36
Stewardship in the Digital Age: Roles and Issues for Libraries for Preserving Our Cultural HeritageMeg BellingerLibrary of Congress2004-02-2301:08:00
Library of Congress Landscape Renovation Carl MorganLibrary of Congress2006-05-2300:52:00 An Interactive Evaluation Lou RosenfeldLibrary of Congress2004-05-0501:40:00
Library of Congress Landscape Renovation Holly ShimizuLibrary of Congress2006-05-2300:52:00 An Interactive EvaluationSteve KrugLibrary of Congress2004-05-0501:40:00
Library of Congress Landscape RenovationMatthew EvansLibrary of Congress2006-05-2300:52:00
The Future of Cataloging and LibrarianshipDeanna MarcumLibrary of Congress2005-04-2200:57:00
Library and Information Science Education in North America: Bridging the Gulf Between Education and PracticeR. David LankesLibrary of Congress2004-03-1601:57:00
Information Ethics: Challenges for Library and Information Science ProfessionalsToni CarboLibrary of Congress2002-12-0901:13:00
Why Does Digital Reference Matter?Joseph JanesLibrary of Congress2003-02-1001:29:00
Avenues to Library Services: User PreferencesNeal KaskeLibrary of Congress2003-01-1501:23:00
Surviving the Internet: Strategies for the High-Tech Reference DeskIrene McDermottLibrary of Congress2002-10-2501:17:00
No Longer Under Our Control: The Nature and Role of Standards in the 21st Century LibraryWilliam MoenLibrary of Congress2003-12-0301:27:00
Transforming the Urban Public LibraryMolly RaphaelLibrary of Congress2003-04-1801:16:00