available lectures (total: 26)
How the human genome project reveals our evolutionary pastSteve DorusUniversity of Bath2008-03-1100:46:17
The Search for "The Missing Link"Alan WalkerMuseum of Natural History2007-08-0300:47:52
Evolution & the Social SciencesGlynis BreakwellUniversity of Bath2007-03-1402:02:30
Evolution as a Tool Kit for Understanding Human DiseaseHarvey LodishMuseum of Science2007-03-1301:04:52
The Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on EarthRobert Pollack, Colin McGinn, Christian de Duve, Mark Norell, James FerrisNYAS2006-01-1301:39:42
The Origin of LifeJohn Maynard SmithSussex University199500:58:59
It's Every Monkey for ThemselvesVanessa WoodsANU2007-03-0700:37:16
Richard Dawkins @ Pop!Tech 2006Richard DawkinsPop!Tech200600:24:14
Nature RevealedEdward O. WilsonMuseum of Natural History2006-06-3000:53:17
Biodiversity and the Evolutionary Roots of BeautyGordon OrlansMuseum of Natural History2006-06-1600:51:20
Evolution and Fine-Tuning in Biology - Part 2Simon Conway MorrisFaraday Institute2006-07-18
Evolution and Theology: Are They Connected?RJ BerryFaraday Institute2006-04-08
Human Genetics and the Image of GodGraeme FinlayFaraday Institute2006-11-07
The Evolution of Religion and the Religion of EvolutionJeff SchlossFaraday Institute2006-07-18
Evolution and Fine-Tuning in Biology - Part 1Simon Conway MorrisFaraday Institute2006-07-18
Evolution, Creationism and Intelligent DesignJohn BryantFaraday Institute2007-03-31
Does Evolution have any Religious Significance?Denis AlexanderFaraday Institute2006-04-08
Genesis and PhylogenesisGraeme FinlayFaraday Institute2006-11-08
The "End" of Love: Evolutionary Psychology, Altruism, and Human PurposeJeff SchlossFaraday Institute2006-07-18
If the evolution of intelligence is inevitable, what are the theological implications?Simon Conway MorrisFaraday Institute2006-05-30
Does Evolution have any Religious Significance?Denis AlexanderFaraday Institute2007-01-06
From Darwin to ScopesMichael RobertsFaraday Institute2006-07-24
Why creationism is wrong and evolution is rightSteve JonesUniversity of Bath2006-11-0600:59:05
Reconstructing 100 Million Years of Human Evolutionary HistoryDavid HausslerUC Santa Cruz2006-10-1700:00:00
Playing with TimeWill Wright, Brian EnoLong Now Foundation2006-06-2601:39:59
Genomic Approaches to Human OriginsSvante PääboPrinceton2003-10-1501:00:29