available lectures (total: 20)
Distinguished Innovator Lecture - Judy EstrinJudy EstrinBerkeley2007-10-0400:00:00
Distinguished Innovator Lecture - John HankeJohn HankeBerkeley2007-10-1100:00:00
Sexuality and the InternetAudacia RayCenter for New Words2007-06-0700:30:43
MyFriends, MySpaceDanah BoydHarvard2007-07-1901:26:24
Love, Internet StyleClay ShirkySupernova2007-07-1000:10:00
The Knowledge Web (Part 2 of 2)James BurkeSmithsonian1999-06-2800:25:50
The Knowledge Web (Part 1 of 2)James BurkeSmithsonian1999-06-2800:24:00
Web Research: What's New in 2004 Gary Price, Chris ShermanLibrary of Congress2004-01-2901:36:00
Public Access to Digital MaterialsBrewster KahleLibrary of Congress2002-11-2001:26:00
Surviving the Internet: Strategies for the High-Tech Reference DeskIrene McDermottLibrary of Congress2002-10-2501:17:00
Universal Access to All KnowledgeBrewster KahleLibrary of Congress2004-12-1301:28:00
The New Shape of Knowledge: From Trees to Piles of LeavesDavid WeinbergerOxford2005-11-3000:54:00
The Social Life of NetworksJohn NaughtonOpen University2006-06-1900:48:00
Linked: Networks from Biology to the World Wide WebAlbert-Laszlo BarabasiWellesley2005-09-2701:16:42
Traditional Design and New TechnologyKhoi Vinh, Mark Boulton, Liz Danzico, Toni GreavesSXSW2006-03-1100:00:00
Inktomi's Wild Ride: A Personal View of the Internet BubbleEric BrewerComputer History Museum2004-06-22
Vision: Wikipedia and the Future of Free CultureJimmy WalesLong Now Foundation2006-04-1401:15:49
'Second Life:' What Do We Learn If We Digitize EVERYTHING?Philip RosedaleLong Now Foundation2006-11-3001:26:41 Customer Experience MattersJeffrey BezosPrinceton2000-10-2001:02:31
The Future of the WebTim Berners-LeePrinceton2006-04-0501:20:26