available lectures (total: 31)
Dante and Freedom: The Autonomy of Hell and The Liberty of ParadiseAnthony M. EsolenPrinceton2007-10-1501:28:56
On not winning the Nobel PrizeDoris LessingNobel Prize2007-12-0700:38:00
Ohio University Spring Literary Festival 2006Jim HarrisonOhio U2006-0900:38:29
Shakespeare and GeniusHarold BloomLibrary of Congress2003-03-2500:41:00
Alexandra StoddardAlexandra StoddardLibrary of Congress2004-10-0900:39:00
Art of Reading a PoemHarold BloomYale2006-09-0701:59:00
A Hidden Treasure: The Armenian Adam Epic by Arakel of SiwnikMichael E. StoneLibrary of Congress2003-10-2301:01:00
Liz CarpenterLiz CarpenterLibrary of Congress2001-09-0800:28:00
Patience and Fortitude: A Roving Chronicle of Book People, Book Places and Book CultureNicholas BasbanesLibrary of Congress2001-11-0800:57:00
Dumb Eloquence: Chirology on the Shakespearean StageHeidi Brayman HackelAmherst2007-04-1700:49:17
Lecture on Public DisourseWilliam S. BurroughsNaropa1980-08-1101:29:04
The Journey to the West: The formation of fiction and its receptionAnthony YuU of Chicago2007-01-1301:06:33
"Borges and I" and IJohn PerryAmherst2006-10-1900:52:37
Russian identity: From Rasputin to Putin and back againDavid GillespieUniversity of Bath2006-01-1100:38:26
The Things They Carried (Whitman College Lecture)Tim O'BrienWhitman College2003-09-1001:03:48
Shelley's Heart and Pepys's LobstersHermione LeePrinceton2004-09-2701:08:12
Jane Austen FaintsHermione LeePrinceton2004-09-2801:05:12
Virginia Woolf's NoseHermione LeePrinceton2004-09-2901:09:41
We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting ForAlice WalkerMargret Mitchell House2006-11-1400:00:00
Creative Mind: The Poet as CreatorAllen Tate?195000:00:00
Evil: The Artist's ResponseKathleen Norris, Joyce Carol Oates, Nathan EnglanderBoston College2001-11-2700:00:00
Nobel LectureSaul BellowNobel Prize1976-12-1200:11:00
Nobel LectureIsaac Bashevis SingerNobel Prize1978-12-0800:10:00
Nobel LectureWilliam GoldingNobel Prize1983-12-0700:36:00
This Past Must Address Its PresentWole SoyinkaNobel Prize1986-12-0600:43:00
The Antilles: Fragments of Epic MemoryDerek WalcottNobel Prize1992-12-0700:48:00
Nobel LectureToni MorrisonNobel Prize1993-12-0700:33:00
Crediting PoetrySeamus HeaneyNobel Prize1995-12-0700:51:00
Two WorldsV.S. NaipaulNobel Prize2001-12-0100:40:00
He and his manJ.M. CoetzeeNobel Prize2003-12-0300:35:00
Art, Truth & PoliticsHarold PinterNobel Prize2005-12-0700:46:00